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Product Overview

RedNMX™ Fire Department
Records Management System

The RedNMX™ software is the latest generation of fire department records management system and is designed to be the most integrated RMS on the market today. The RMS contains more than 50 distinct modules allowing departments to tailor a system to their specific needs. 

  • NFIRS 5.0 Fire
    Incident Reporting
  • Centralized
  • Inventory
  • Personnel
  • Non-Incident
    Event Management
  • Mobile

NFIRS 5.0 & Fire Incident Reporting

Simplified incident documentation allows you to guide compliance through a NFIRS 5.0 compliant reporting system.

Compliance & Automation

Use RedNMX™ scheduled automated exports and customization to satisfy state, and local compliance requirements.

Hardware Integration

Automatic attendance provide by integration with several biometric devices, including finger readers, hand readers, and key fob proximity devices.

Document Imaging System

Attach external documents and photographs to an incident for quick access. Supports Adobe PDF, jpeg, bitmaps, and more.

Customized Templates

Users can create a custom template from incident forms of frequently used incident types or field values and then eaily load them up for the next time.

Custom Fields

Custom “R” panel on incident form allows department to include custom data fields for inclusion on every fire incident report.

Specialized NFPA, State, & County Reports

NFIRS 5.0 Compliant & NYS / FEMA / USFA compliant. Includes serveral reports and data required in the grant application process with both mobile & desktop versions available.

Seamless Integration & Customization
with the Tools You Need

Infinitely scalable solutions that grows with your agency’s increasing needs.
  • Purvis

    PURVIS’ Fire Station Alerting System™

    Automated alerts integrated
    with CAD systems to improve response times & first responder well-being.

  • Phoenix G2

    Phoenix G2 Station Alerting System

    US Digital Designs by Honeywell rapid IP-based, text-to-speech alerts to improve response times and situational awareness.

  • Tyler Technologies

    Tyler Technologies CAD

    Real-time dispatching for law, fire, and EMS, enhancing situational awareness across communities.
  • Hexagon Logo

    Hexagon Intergraph CAD

    Integrated incident management for call handling, dispatching, and data analysis across multiple agencies.
  • central square

    Central Square CAD

    Cross-agency dispatch, saving 2-3 minutes per call and enhancing community safety.
  • Tyler Technologies

    Tyler Technologies New World CAD

    Multi-agency dispatch with rapid data access and real-time information sharing for quick accurate responses.
  • ProPhoenix CAD

    ProPhoenix CAD

    Dispatch with real-time notifications and intelligent unit recommendations for streamlined emergency responses.
  • VectorSolutions

    VectorSolutions Training

    Multi-industry software for training, risk management, and compliance.
  • ESO

    ESO Electronic Health Record Software

    EMS clinical documentation, offering real-time decision-making tools for patient care and analytics for performance monitoring.
  • VectorSolutions

    Vector Target Solutions

    NFPA-based online training for firefighters and EMS, along with scheduling and incident tracking tools for operational efficiency.

    Trauma Emergency Medical Services Information System

    New Hampshire’s electronic system for EMS incident data to improve patient care and inform state agencies.
  • Zoll Charts

    ZOLL EMS Charts

    Cloud-based platform for emergency medical reporting, data accuracy, and billing and compliance.
  • Waterway, Inc.

    Waterway, Inc.

    The U.S.’s largest, ISO 9001-certified fire hose testing service, compliant with NFPA 1962.
  • Inspect & Track

    InspectNTrack SCBA

    Automated software for SCBA inspections, ensuring compliance with NFPA standards.
  • I Am Responding


    End-to-end emergency response system for first responders. Integration from RapidSOS provides rich-incident data like location, health profiles, vehicle telematics, alarm information & more.
  • Active 911


    Alerting, mapping, and scene resources for first responders. Response coordination can be that simple with the right tools.
  • Chief 360


    Incident notifications, staffing, and alert systems for first responders. Customizable solution with both audible and visual cues.
  • Rover Alert


    Incident notifications, real-time response tracking, and situational awareness for first responders. Tracks resources, and decrease response times.

RedNMX™ Migration & Implementation

Hit the ground running with our systematic migration and implementation plan and achieve mission-critical proficiency quickly through our 6-step process.
Go Live &
Ongoing Support

Training & Onboarding

Effective training is crucial for maximizing the benefits of the RedNMX fire department Records Management System. Our comprehensive training program ensures that your team is well-equipped to use all the features of our software, thereby enhancing your department’s efficiency and effectiveness.

RedNMX™ Technology

Cloud-based Software that Works Across All Commonly-Used Devices

RedNMX is cloud-based software. We host through Microsoft Azure on the same servers that store data for most of the Fortune 500. RedNMX works on most commonly-used PCs and mobile devices.