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Banyan Software announces acquisition of Alpine Software

Banyan Software, Inc., a leader in nurturing enterprise software businesses for long-term success, is delighted to announce its latest acquisition—Alpine Software, Inc. Alpine is a pioneer in modernizing operations for fire departments and emergency services with its state-of-the-art fire department management software, RedNMX. This software optimizes emergency response times and brings efficiency to routine operations.

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Located in Mendon, New York, Alpine Software specializes in developing comprehensive solutions that cover dispatching, call reporting, human resources, inventory management, and real-time mobile tracking. With a seasoned experience of over three decades in serving fire departments and emergency dispatch services, Alpine offers modular solutions that can be customized to fit the unique operational needs of each department.

“Rick and his dedicated team have, over nearly 30 years, established a suite of products that are not only trusted but also market leaders in the fire department sector. We are ecstatic to integrate Alpine into the Banyan ecosystem and are committed to amplifying client satisfaction through further investments.”
David Berkal, CEO of Banyan Software
“Creating Alpine was always about offering fire departments a scalable and adaptable platform for optimizing their operations and ensuring community safety. Deciding to sell your own business is no small feat, but our confidence in Banyan made it an easier decision. The trust cultivated throughout our discussions and the support we’ll receive for future growth solidified our decision.”
Rick Schenkel, Founder of Alpine Software

About Banyan Software, Inc.

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