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RedNMX™ Technology

Cloud-based Software that Works Across All Commonly-Used Devices

RedNMX is cloud-based software. We host through Microsoft Azure on the same servers that store data for most of the Fortune 500. RedNMX works on most commonly-used PCs and mobile devices.

RedNMX™ Cloud Server

Reduce Liability. Amplify Security. Operate Efficiently.

Enhanced Security

Utilizing Microsoft Azure’s SQL Server and TLS encryption, the RedNMX™ Cloud Server safeguards sensitive information like medical records and personal information against potential breaches, ensuring utmost security for fire departments and communities. 

Seamless Accessibility

The cloud-based architecture of the RedNMX™ Cloud Server allows access from any location with internet connectivity, fostering enhanced collaboration and efficiency by enabling personnel to securely access critical records from anywhere.

Continuous Operations

The cloud-based approach of the RedNMX™ Cloud Server mitigates the risk of local server failures, guaranteeing uninterrupted secure access to essential data and services at critical moments, ensuring continuity in operations.

Operational Efficiency

By eliminating the need for on-prem server maintenance, backups, and upgrades, the RedNMX™ Cloud Server allows fire departments to focus more on their core mission, thereby enhancing operational effectiveness and efficiency.


Offering a scalable cloud infrastructure, the RedNMX™ Cloud Server enables fire departments to adapt and grow, aligning resources efficiently with evolving needs and optimizing cost management.

Mitigated Liability

By transferring liability from the fire department to Alpine Software, the RedNMX™ Cloud Server removes insurance premiums and eliminates the risk of potential costs associated with damages, reducing the financial burden on fire departments.

Compliance with TLS

Adhering to Microsoft’s stringent requirements for Transport Layer Security (TLS), the RedNMX™ Cloud Server ensures that all data in transit is shielded from interception by unauthorized entities, maintaining seamless compliance and enhanced security.

Cost Management

By reducing the cost associated with server maintenance, backups, and insurance for sensitive data, the RedNMX™ Cloud Server optimizes cost management by eliminating unnecessary expenses related to on-premises servers.

Direct SQL Server Connection

With a direct SQL server connection with TLS to Azure SQL databases, the RedNMX™ Cloud Server provides an additional layer of security, ensuring fire department data remains shielded from a range of cyber threats.

Learn More about the RedNMX™ Cloud Server

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  • RedNMX Cloud Server: Advantages in Focus
  • Security and Compliance with TLS