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LOSAP Module

Customizable for your specific LOSAP policy

Flexible to your LOSAP policy changes

Advanced Reporting with No Duplicate Data Entry

Integrated with Training, Personnel, & Incident Attendance

Precise Service Year Tracking & Automated Updates

Simplified Automated Recognition & Award Process

Length of Service Award Points Updated in Real Time

Accurate Deduction Management for Inactive Periods

RedNMX Length of Service Award Points ‘LOSAP’ Module Sample Report

We’re Trusted by Over 700+ Fire Departments

Accurate Service Calculation & Acknowledgment

Recognize the importance of each year of service and ensure every firefighter feels valued for their commitment: The LOSAP Module precisely calculates each firefighter’s years of service from their start date to the current date, promoting a culture of recognition and appreciation.

Dynamic Service Year Award Calculation

Boost Department Morale

Recognize Service Accurately


Customized LOSAP Report RedNMX RMS Module

RedNMX Highly Customizable Length of Service Award Points ‘LOSAP’ Sample Report


Award Calculation & Updates

Automate the calculation and update of service years, adjusting for leaves or inactivity. Essential for accurate service records and award eligibility.

LOSAP Inactive Period Adjustments

Inactive Period Adjustments

Manage inactivity deductions for leaves or injuries, ensuring service years reflect true active service for fair recognition and awards.

LOSAP Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

Streamline the tracking and celebration of service milestones, boosting morale with organized recognition and awards for firefighter dedication.

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Automate and accurately track service years, adjust for inactivity, and honor firefighter service effortlessly.
The RedNMX LOSAP Module streamlines service recognition, ensuring accurate & fair acknowledgment of dedication with minimal manual intervention.

Automated Compliance & Recording

Intuitive User Interface & Platform

Automatic RedNMX Integration

Service Year Management

Seamlessly update firefighter service years and accurately account for periods of inactivity, such as leaves of absence or recovery from injuries. The LOSAP Module enables departments to ensure that service calculations reflect true active contribution, maintaining fairness and integrity in recognition programs.

Streamlined Service Tracking

Precise Inactivity Accounting

Automated Recognition Support

Enhance your department with the LOSAP Module’s automatic service year adjustments, ensuring precise recognition for firefighter dedication.

With the LOSAP Module, all inputs are automatically synced to RedNMX, enhancing efficiency and reducing the need for manual record-keeping.



Firewoman LOSAP RedNMX


LOSAP Module Features

LOSAP Customizable for Your Specific LOSAP Policy

Customizable for Your Specific LOSAP Policy

  • Unique for each Department
  • Adjust Criteria to Fit Your Needs.
  • Flexible data options

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Flexible – your LOSAP policy changes

Flexible – your LOSAP policy changes

  • Easily tweak policies as needed
  • Adapt to changing requirements
  • Comply with regulatory shifts

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LOSAP Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting

  • Comprehensive Export-Ready Reports
  • Access to Search & View Historical Data

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LOSAP Service Year Tracking

Service Year Tracking

  • Automated Service Calculation
  • Minimized Manual Adjustments
  • Accurate Recognition & Records

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LOSAP Awards & Recognition Management

Awards & Recognition

  • Accurate Award Point Tracking
  • Automated Recognition
  • Ensured Fairness in Honors

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LOSAP Automated Updates

Updated in Real Time

  • Instant Service Record Updates
  • View and Adjust Service Credits
  • Maintain Up-to-Date Profiles

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LOSAP Dedicated Support for Compliance

Dedicated Support for Compliance

  • Regulatory Standard
  • Streamlined Reporting
  • Simplified Compliance

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LOSAP Personalized Service Records

Personalized Service Records

  • Personal Member Dashboard
  • Service History and Awards
  • Recognition and Milestones

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Full RedNMX System Integration

  • Automatically synched to RedNMX
  • No duplicate data entry
  • Consistency across devices

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