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Careers at Alpine Software

Technical Solutions Analyst

Database Migration & Integration
Remote or In-Person
Working Time
Full Time
3+ Years Experience


Seeking a talented and experienced Technical Solutions Analyst who is adept at migrating historical data from one database into another as well as importing outside data such as code sets, mapping data, scheduling history, etc.

Data Migration Responsibilities

  • Database knowledge – relational database knowledge and concepts. 
  • Experience with SQL
  • Programming & Scripting (ETL processes)
  • Ability to quickly develop domain knowledge – understanding business processes associated with data is crucial.
  • Data quality management – identifying and addressing data quality issues such as duplicates, inconsistencies, or inaccuracies. 
  • Testing and Validation to validate the accuracy of migrated data prior to releasing it to the customer.
  • Project management – With help, you will coordinate between multiple stakeholders (vendors, customers, internal Alpine employees, and government agencies). 
  • Data security and compliance knowledge
  • Problem-solving – troubleshoot new issues and find effective solutions based on knowledge of customer workflow and desired customer outcomes. 

Integration Responsibilities

  • Support existing integrations and build out of new integrations, which may include:
    • Flat file data transfer
    • E-mail scraping/parsing – extracting structured data from the content of an e-mail using scripts or programs.
    • API connections (Rest / Web API)
  • Identify bugs or errors in previously configured integrations (typically pointed out by customers)
  • Coding capability to make changes to previously configured integrations
  • Attention to detail and error-free work are paramount, as many Alpine integrations transmit time-sensitive public safety information that is critical to emergency responders.
  • New Integrations:
    • Build new integrations between Alpine Software and various other software vendors.
    • Ability to create new integrations across all types listed above (Flat File, e-mail, and API) is required.