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AVL Module

Elevate Firefighting Response with the RedNMX AVL Module: Your In-Vehicle Mobile Data Terminal and Automatic Vehicle Location Solution for Enhanced Coordination and Navigation. Seamlessly Integrated with RedNMX for Superior Operational Efficiency.

Real-Time Location & Communication


Instantaneous NFIRS Reporting


Strategic Preplanned Information Access

Image Upload

Onsite Image & Document Uploading



MDT Image Upload

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Mobile NFIRS Reporting

Efficiently handle mobile NFIRS reporting with RedNMX’s AVL Module. This innovative solution facilitates real-time data collection and report generation directly from the field, significantly enhancing the accuracy and detail of NFIRS reports.

Streamlined Incident Reporting

Real-Time Data Collection from Field


Comprehensive NFIRS Report Enhancement

Equip fire teams with the AVL Module for instant, on-the-go NFIRS reporting. It syncs with RedNMX, ensuring efficient, accurate data management and enhanced communication in emergencies.
AVL Incident History
Status Reporting

Instantaneous Status Reporting

Firefighters can continuously update their status during various stages of a call, such as en route, on-scene, or returning to readiness. These live updates are immediately visible to both dispatchers and other responding units, ensuring seamless, real-time coordination.

Integrated GIS Navigation

Integrated GIS Navigation

AVL includes a comprehensive map feature that not only shows the current location of each apparatus but also provides crucial navigation details like turn-by-turn directions, nearby hydrant locations, and the positions of other responding units to enhance response times.

Advanced Communication

Advanced Communication

The AVL Module facilitates direct, efficient communication among firefighters and between firefighters & dispatchers. This allows for sending and receiving messages and pages directly through the interface, ensuring quick information sharing and coordination during critical incidents.

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Transform your firefighting operations with features such as real-time apparatus tracking, streamlined communication, and efficient navigation. Experience the ease of automated updates, from status changes to equipment management, all integrated within a user-friendly interface with the RedNMX AVL Module.

iOS & Android Compatible

Intuitive User-Friendly Interface

Automatic RedNMX Integration

Upload Preplan Documents & Incident Images

The AVL Module allows on-scene photo capture and document uploading, effortlessly linking images and documents to NFIRS reports and properties. AVL integrates smoothly with RedNMX for comprehensive incident documentation.

Enhance Timely Accurate Reporting

No Duplicate Data Entry

Easily Access Critical Information

This functionality ensures firefighters remain efficiently informed and compliant, paralleling their seamless access to training histories and vital incident data through the integrated RedNMX system.



MDT Incident Documents and Images



RedNMX AVL Current Call Navigation

Integrated Mapping & Navigation

The AVL module enhances emergency response efficiency with its integrated mapping and navigation feature. This tool displays the real-time location of each apparatus, providing critical navigation details such as turn-by-turn directions, nearby hydrant locations, and the positions of other responding units. This functionality parallels RedNMX’s ability to deliver vital incident data, ensuring firefighters are well-informed and quick to respond.

Enhance Response Times

Real-Time Route Planning

Enable Coordinated Response

This feature complements the detailed incident data from RedNMX, equipping firefighters with crucial information for swift and efficient emergency management.

Record Incident Attendance

The AVL module streamlines incident management by enabling firefighters to record attendance directly at the scene. This feature facilitates a clear tally of personnel present, paralleling the way they access critical incident data through RedNMX, ensuring efficient team management and compliance.

Efficient Personnel Tracking

Precise Attendance Recording

Streamline NFIRS Reporting

This integration mirrors the ease of accessing essential data through RedNMX, keeping firefighters informed and in command during emergencies.
AVL Incident Attendance
  • RedNMX AVL Open Calls

    Receive Open Calls

  • RedNMX AVL Property Preplan Info

    View Preplan Data

  • RedNMX AVL Hydrant Map

    Locate Nearby Hydrants

  • RedNMX AVL Apparatus Status

    Check Apparatus Status

    AVL Module Features


    NFIRS Editing

    • In-App NFIRS Editing
    • NFIRS Report Management
    • Historical NFIRS Data Revision

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    Image Upload

    Image & Doc Upload

    • On-Scene Photo Attachment
    • Direct NFIRS Report Integration
    • Enhanced Documentation 

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    RedNMX Synch

    • Automatic Synch to RedNMX
    • No Duplicate Data Entry
    • Data Consistency & Accuracy

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    Dynamic Incident Assignment

    • Rapid Incident Self-Assignment
    • Efficient Dispatcher Oversight
    • Enhanced Coordination

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    Diverse Identification Options

    Apparatus Status Overview

    • Complete Apparatus Tracking
    • Strategic Resource Planning
    • Aid Informed Decision-Making

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    User Editing

    Direct Member Information Editing

    • Mobile Member Editing
    • Reduced Station Visits
    • Enhanced Operational Efficiency

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    Versatile Kiosk Management

    Integrated Location and Navigation Tools

    • Integrated Apparatus Mapping
    • Hydrant and Unit Locator
    • Streamlined Navigation System

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    Display Preplan Comments & Warnings

    • Hazard Information Display
    • Special Instructions Highlight
    • Enable Response Guidance

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    Department Elections & Ballots

    Efficient Property Search Functionality

    • Quick Property Search
    • Rapid Response Planning
    • Streamlined Incident Location

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    Enhanced Messaging & Paging

    • Integrated Messaging System
    • Enhanced Communication
    • Facilitate Response Coordination

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    Responder Status

    Responder Status Integration

    • Responder App Integration
    • Real-Time Response Tracking
    • Full Resource Overview

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    Strategic Preplanned Information Access

    • Integrated Preplanning Details
    • Property Data Access
    • Contextual Response Planning

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