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Boost Dispatch Speed:
RedNMX’s Revolutionary Impact

Under the implementation of RedNMX, fire departments across the nation are experiencing unprecedented improvements in dispatch efficiency and emergency response coordination. This case study highlights the transformative outcomes of RedNMX in streamlining communication, managing real-time data, and significantly speeding up response times, thereby enhancing the overall safety and effectiveness of emergency services.

Saving Seconds Saves Lives

In the high-stakes realm of fire and emergency services, seconds can make the difference between success and tragedy.
Dispatch systems must be efficient, reliable, and flexible to meet the demands of modern fire departments.

RedNMX is a comprehensive suite designed to address the complex needs and standards of today’s fire departments by seamlessly integrating Mobile Dispatch, Dispatch Call Taker System, and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) modules.

This case study explores the transformative impact of RedNMX on fire department operations, emphasizing how its suite enhances dispatch operations, streamlines communication, and elevates emergency response efficacy across various departments.

Through detailed insights into challenges faced and solutions provided, we illustrate why RedNMX has become indispensable for fire departments during critical moments, improving response times and efficiency in the ever-evolving emergency services landscape.

“As we dispatch for five different agencies, the flexibility and efficiency of the RedNMX system have been very beneficial for us. It allows us to handle multiple calls simultaneously, which is crucial given our role as the second busiest dispatch center in Nassau County.”

Tim Mooney, Long Beach Fire Department

Centerville-Osterville-Marstons Mills
Fire-Rescue Department

Centerville-Osterville-Marstons Mills Fire-Rescue Department is a vital part of the community it serves, providing comprehensive emergency and fire prevention services. This department is equipped to handle a variety of emergency situations with efficiency and expertise, thanks to its dedicated personnel and RedNMX. COMM FD leverages RedNMX’s dispatch to enhance its operations, focusing on interoperability and comprehensive training to ensure that its team is prepared for any scenario. The department’s commitment to community safety is reflected in its proactive approach to incident response and fire prevention, making it a crucial asset to the local area.

Multi-Jurisdictional Dispatching

Problem: Multi-Jurisdictional Dispatching

Dispatching across multiple jurisdictions in real-time poses challenges in coordinating apparatus and personnel efficiently. This complexity is compounded when managing responses across different fire departments within a region.

Solution: Real-Time Apparatus Status View

RedNMX provides a real-time view of available units and personnel across jurisdictions, automatically assigning units based on customizable run orders for each call type, reducing response time.

Real-Time Apparatus Status View RedNMX

Operational Complexities

Problem: Operational Complexities

In a multi-jurisdiction environment like that of the Centerville-Osterville-Marstons Mills Fire-Rescue Department (COMM FD), ensuring efficient cross-departmental responses and managing mutual aid calls are essential.

Solution: Integrated Dispatch Operations

RedNMX integrates Mobile Dispatch and CAD modules, offering an intuitive interface and dynamic mapping for improved dispatch operations and decision-making.

RedNMX Multi-Jurisdictional Dispatching Dispatch Mapping

Technology Utilization

Problem: Technology Utilization

There was a necessity for improved messaging functionality and the ability to distinguish between types of notifications, alongside exploring enhancements for their paging system. 

Solution: Precision and Customization in Call Management

The Call Taker System module offers superior address searching and dispatch capabilities, essential for both routine and emergency situations. RedNMX also allows for ongoing enhancements, including tailored scheduling and communication interfaces, to meet specific departmental needs.
Dispatch Call Taker System RedNMX
RedNMX Dispatch Case Study Firefighters Responding

Long Beach Fire Department

The City of Long Beach Fire Department (LBFD), established in 1910, serves the City of Long Beach, the Village of Atlantic Beach, and East Atlantic Beach Fire District. Located less than 10 miles southeast of John F. Kennedy Airport and directly west of historic Jones Beach, LBFD is one of Long Island’s busiest fire departments. It is responsible for over 3.5 miles of ocean beach and numerous high-rise dwellings in Nassau County. The department operates the second busiest dispatch center in the county, handling over 1,200 fire alarms and more than 3,100 EMS calls annually with a 24-hour dispatch office. With over two decades of experience using Alpine Software’s dispatch technology, LBFD efficiently manages multiple agencies and emergencies, demonstrating the critical role of a reliable and flexible dispatch system like RedNMX in a high-demand area.
Long Beach Fire Department

Legacy System Limitations

Problem: Legacy System Limitations

Outdated systems hinder efficient dispatch operations and multi-agency coordination.

Solution: Mobile and Efficient Dispatching

RedNMX’s Mobile Dispatch module enhances communication and provides quick access to vital information, improving response efficiency.

RedNMX Mobile and Efficient Dispatching

Multi-Agency Coordination

Problem: Multi-Agency Coordination

With the department dispatching for five different agencies, Long Beach Fire Department required a system capable of efficient and complication-free multi-agency management.

Solution: Precision and Quick Response

The Call Taker System module of RedNMX ensures prompt, accurate emergency responses through improved address identification and call-taking processes, streamlining multi-agency coordination.

RedNMX Dispatch address identification and call-taking

Scalability for Emergency Situations

Problem: Scalability for Emergency Situations

The department’s high daily call volume demanded a system that could rapidly scale in response to emergencies.

Solution: Comprehensive Alarm Management

RedNMX’s CAD module provides robust tools for alarm tracking, offering precision and confidence in dispatch operations, ensuring scalability and reliability during high-demand situations.

Fire Alarm Management RedNMX Dispatch
RedNMX Dispatch Case Study Banner

Insights from Multiple Fire Departments

Insights from multiple fire departments, all current clients of Alpine Software using RedNMX, reveal that they faced inefficiencies from manual processes and outdated software. RedNMX addresses these challenges by offering automated processes with intuitive layouts and dynamic mapping, enhancing operational efficiency with customizable user-centric design. Moreover, it effectively handles high call volumes from diverse sources and ensures seamless integration with existing systems, streamlining dispatch operations across varied emergency response scenarios.

Manual Processes and Communication

Problem: Manual Processes and Communication

Manual data entry and inefficient communication between dispatch, firefighters, and EMS personnel hinder operational efficiency.

Solution: Automated Processes and Enhanced Communication

RedNMX features like intuitive screen layouts, dynamic mapping, and the Call Taker System Module significantly reduce manual data entry and the call-taking process, ensuring accurate and prompt responses.

Automated Processes and Enhanced Communication

Outdated Software and Customization Needs

Problem: Outdated Software and Customization Needs

Departments struggle with outdated software and lack of customization options for dispatch systems.

Solution: Customization and User-Centric Design

RedNMX offers flexibility and customization, allowing departments to tailor the system to their specific operational needs, enhancing overall efficiency.

RedNMX Dispatch Customization and User-Centric Design

Diverse Call Sources and System Integration

Problem: Diverse Call Sources and System Integration

Handling a high volume of calls from various sources and integrating with new or existing systems without losing critical functionalities are significant concerns when deciding on using a software. 

Solution: Efficiency and Seamless Integration

The Mobile Dispatch Module and the comprehensive RedNMX suite offer effective management of dispatch operations and robust integration with new systems, addressing compatibility and advanced functionality needs. 

Mobile Dispatch Module Responder RedNMX

Why RedNMX?

RedNMX is a crucial advancement in dispatch and emergency response, tailored specifically for fire departments. Developed from deep insights into fire operations, the comprehensive software suite enhances interoperability, automation, and customization across dispatch processes. Its design ensures seamless integration from dispatch to reporting, improving information flow and coordination during emergencies. This reduces delays and error risks while boosting operational readiness for modern emergency response teams.

Customization and Advanced Technology

Recognizing the diversity in operational needs among fire departments, RedNMX emphasizes flexibility and customization. Departments can adapt the system to their specific requirements—from modifying the interface for improved communication to setting unique dispatch protocols. The inclusion of advanced features such as dynamic mapping, efficient call sequencing, and real-time apparatus status updates empowers dispatchers and field units with crucial information, thereby enhancing on-ground safety and efficiency.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Responsiveness

At its core, RedNMX aims to boost operational efficiency and responsiveness. It streamlines the dispatch process and maintains critical information accessibility, significantly reducing response times during emergencies. This efficiency ensures that fire departments not only meet but anticipate and manage their operational demands effectively.

Continuous Improvement and Robust Support

Alpine Software is dedicated to the continuous improvement of RedNMX, with enhancements driven by user feedback. This commitment, coupled with strong support structures, positions RedNMX not just as a solution for present needs but as a reliable partner for future challenges.
Why RedNMX Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Responsiveness Dispatch
RedNMX is a crucial advancement in dispatch and emergency response

The Centerville-Osterville-Marstons Mills Fire-Rescue Department and Long Beach Fire Departments demonstrate RedNMX’s transformative impact on dispatch efficiency and emergency response.

Their journey from conventional methods to an advanced digital platform exemplifies RedNMX’s role in revolutionizing fire safety and inspection processes. This case study serves as a beacon for other fire departments exploring technological advancements to meet their growing and diverse operational needs.

To support the Centerville-Osterville-Marstons Mills Fire-Rescue Department, visit their official website.

To support the Long Beach Fire Department, visit their official website and follow their Facebook page.

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