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Significant Updates to RedNMX’s Automatic Vehicle Location & Responder Apps

Alpine Software Corporation, the creator of RedNMX, a leading fire department records management software, is excited to announce major updates to its AVL and Responder apps. These updates aim to further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of fire department operations across the United States.

Automatic Vehicle Location

What’s New in the AVL App?

Edit Basic NFIRS Information

After rigorous testing, Alpine Software Corporation is introducing the ability to edit basic NFIRS (National Fire Incident Reporting System) information directly within the AVL app. Users will find a new NFIRS incident button that allows them to access and edit current and past NFIRS reports. This feature is opt-in and can be enabled by reaching out to Alpine Software Corporation.

Attach Photos to Records

The update also allows users to take pictures at the scene of response and attach them to NFIRS reports, provided they have the Documents and Images module enabled.

Compatibility and Release

The update will be fully compatible with iOS 17 and Android 13. Note that iOS 12 will not be supported for this update.

What’s New in the Responder App?

Push Notifications

Two types of push notifications have been introduced: Critical Alerts and Time-Sensitive notifications. Critical Alerts can bypass iOS Do Not Disturb and Mute settings, while Time-Sensitive notifications can break through iOS Focus but not Do Not Disturb or Mute.

Truck Checks/Truck Inspections

A new module has been added to the Responder app that allows users to perform truck-based inspections directly from the app.

This is a paid add-on feature. Interested departments should contact Alpine Software Corporation

Links to the Apps

  • AVL App on Apple AppStore
  • AVL App on Android Marketplace
  • Responder App on Apple AppStore
  • Responder App on Android Marketplace