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RedNMX™ Reporting

Centralized, Customizable, and Comprehensive

In fire safety and emergency response, data is your most valuable asset. RedNMX is meticulously designed to offer fire departments a centralized, customizable, and comprehensive reporting solution. Generate custom reports, visualize data through charts, and make data-driven decisions that enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Your Reporting System… Reimagined

Get the reports you need, when you need them, easily and in any format you require.

Centralized, Custom Report Manager

Manage all your reporting needs from a single, centralized platform within RedNMX. This feature streamlines the process of generating, viewing, and distributing reports, making it easier for your team to access the information they need. RedNMX allows you to tailor reports to your specific needs.

  • Unlimited Number of Reports: Create as many reports as you need to cover all aspects of your operations.
  • Individual Report Level Security: Ensure that only authorized personnel can access specific reports.
  • Saving Report Settings: Save your report settings so you don’t have to re-enter them every time.
  • Archiving: Archive past service and point reports for future reference and compliance.
  • Charts: Visualize your data with our charting options. Produce graphical displays in various formats, including Line Graphs, Pie Charts, and Bar Graphs, all in vibrant color.
Reports Reimagined

Fire Incident Reporting

Simplified incident documentation allows you to guide compliance through a NFIRS 5.0 compliant reporting system.

Compliance & Automation

Use RedNMX™ scheduled automated exports and customization to satisfy state, and local compliance requirements.

Hardware Integration

Automatic attendance provide by integration with several biometric devices, including finger readers, hand readers, and key fob proximity devices.

Specialized NFPA, State, & County Reports

NFIRS 5.0 Compliant & NYS / FEMA / USFA compliant. Includes serveral reports and data required in the grant application process with both mobile & desktop versions available.

Customized Templates

Users can create a custom template from incident forms of frequently used incident types or field values and then eaily load them up for the next time.

Document Imaging System

Attach external documents and photographs to an incident for quick access. Supports Adobe PDF, jpeg, bitmaps, and more.

Custom Fields

Custom “R” panel on incident form allows department to include custom data fields for inclusion on every fire incident report.

Multiple Departments,
One System

Multi-Department Reporting

RedNMX excels in multi-department reporting, complemented by over 50 specialized modules to enhance operational efficiency and integration across fire service.

RedNMX Digital Dashboard

Set up for Success

Reporting is an integral part of your fire department’s data management strategy with RedNMX. Our software solution empowers your department to make data-driven decisions. Enhance your operational efficiency, improve safety, and serve your community better with the robust reporting capabilities of RedNMX.

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports is a Windows-based report writer solution that allows a user to create reports and dashboards from virtually any data source. These reports help make sense of data and uncover important relationships that might otherwise be hidden.

  • Integrated Crystal Reports, v. 8 – 11
  • Import & manage reports from Crystal Reports designer
  • Fully integrates with the Security Module, while supporting passing variables & custom functions.

Field & Table Definitions

RedNMX provides two reports that list out tables and fields, helping you understand the structure of your data for more insightful analysis. In addition, the user has acess to view table relationships, aiding you in understanding how different data points interact with each other.

For those who need to get into the specifics of each field, RedNMX provides a Field Definition Screen. This feature offers detailed information about each field, aiding in precise and accurate reporting.

Export Report Function

View reports within RedNMX and then save them for later use. Export your reports in multiple formats, including:

  • Adobe PDF
  • Microsoft Excel (.xlsx, or .csv)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc, or .txt)
  • HTML

Customization Capabilities

RedNMX offers robust customization options to tailor your reports to your department’s specific needs. Custom fields can be added to capture unique data points, enhancing the depth of your analysis. Advanced filters allow for targeted data sorting, such as by date ranges or incident types.

Specialized NFPA, State, & County Reports

RedNMX includes several specialized reports that are crucial for NFPA compliance, state regulations, and county requirements. These reports are also invaluable for the grant application process.
Crystal Report
Primary Action Taken Report
Fire Loss Report