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Why Did FEMA Grants to
Fire Departments Increase?

When it comes to FEMA fire department grant funding, volunteer fire organizations face unique challenges. With limited resources and personnel, these departments often rely on federal aid to support their operations.

But what drives the size and scope of these grants?
We took a closer look at the numbers, and what we found was surprising.

The Funding Breakdown

Every year, FEMA sends grant money to fire departments. 

Last year, FEMA sent $865 million across three categories:

  1. Assistance to Firefighters Grant Funding (AFG)47% of total
  2. Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response Program (SAFER)48% of total
  3. Fire Prevention and Safety (FPS) 5% of total
FEMA Fire Grant Funding by Type and Year-over-Year Growth

Excluding one-time COVID supplemental grants, all three grant types went from growing at low double digits to growing by 16-27%.
There can be large differences between a state’s rank on SAFER funding vs. AFG funding.

Our question to clients: Why the dramatic increase in funding? What grants did you apply for this year?

Please let us know through filling out this form.

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