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Complimentary Improved
Messaging Upgrade (EMAG)

For Public Safety Enterprises

Dear Valued RedNMX Client,

We have dramatically improved our ability to send text messages (and everything else we are sending).

What this Means: No more missed messages and faster delivery rates

What you need to do to get this upgrade: See “Step by Step Instructions” below.

Cost for Upgrade: $0

Implementing Verizon’s EMAG: A Step-by-Step Overview

Implementing Verizon’s EMAG: A Step-by-Step Overview

1. Verizon Account Setup: Create a Verizon account for your department if you don’t already have one by selecting ‘Contact Sales’ or complete the form the bottom of the page. 

2. Verizon EMAG Application: Apply for the EMAG service, selecting the “Enterprise Messaging for Public Safety” option. Alpine Software can be input as the technical contact.

3. Verizon EMAG Application Assistance: If prompted to schedule an application meeting, Alpine Software can join the meeting or help complete the form.

4. Opt-In (Verizon EMAG Application): A crucial part of the application is to describe your department’s process to “opt-in” members to receiving text messages and submit that on your department’s letterhead. Providing a screenshot of an actual RedNMX text message received for first responder notifications is essential. This documentation is key to ensuring all carriers can be included in the service.

5. Portal Setup: After your application, Verizon will set up the portal and provide a phone to use one time to set up the portal username and password. We’ll need the login details to integrate it with RedNMX.

6. Integration and Testing: Alpine finalizes the setup and conducts a test on the EMAG Web Portal to confirm everything works as expected.

7. Migration: Following successful testing, we’ll migrate all cell phone users to the new EMAG service.

RedNMX Alpine Software EMAG Update