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Mobile Preplan Module: Your Blueprint for Informed Firefighting

Elevate Your Preplanning with Data-Driven Precision

In the life-and-death scenarios of firefighting, preplanning is not a tedious task to be done as quickly as possible, but rather it’s a necessity for ensuring the safety of both the community and first responders.

The Mobile Preplan Module, part of RedNMX’s comprehensive fire department records management software, is designed to make preplanning a task of precision and efficiency. No matter your location, this module ensures that every piece of vital information is one click away.

Key Features of the Mobile Preplan Module

  • Easy Program Access: Launching the Mobile Preplan Module is as simple as clicking its icon on your desktop. Once launched, a map centered on your fire station is displayed, setting the stage for your search.
  • Efficient Address Search: Find addresses swiftly by entering the street number and name, or search by Common Place Name for more specific locations. Once the desired address is highlighted, a variety of data points, including HazMat information and past calls, become accessible.
  • HazMat Data at a Glance: The HazMat button reveals crucial data about hazardous materials stored at the selected location. This includes chemical names, amounts, and specific locations. Material Safety Data Sheets provide in-depth information on general details, exposure, firefighting techniques, and more.
  • Directions and Navigation: Verbal directions from each station to the selected location are available at the click of a button, ensuring that responders can reach their destination efficiently.
  • Historical Context with Past Calls: Access a record of past calls related to the selected address. This provides valuable context for responders, helping them make informed decisions during emergencies.
  • Emergency Info for First Responders: A one-page summary offers the most vital safety information, tailored to the department’s specifications, ensuring that first responders have the essential details they need.
  • Detailed Preplan Data: Access a comprehensive preplan for the selected address, presented in a scrolling form that showcases all fields from the desktop preplan entry screen. You can enhance viewing by double-clicking on headings to close or open specific sections.

  • Synchronization Utility: The Hot Sync button facilitates the downloading of necessary tables from the RedNMX Server to the MDT computer, ensuring that the module’s data is always up-to-date.

Don’t leave your preplanning to chance. Equip your fire department with the Mobile Preplan Module and turn every response into a data-driven operation. Contact RedNMX today to learn more.