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8 Point Checklist for New Fire Chiefs

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New Perspectives for New Chiefs

As you may have noticed, we recently launched a new website.

We were told that any new website content should be focused on improving our Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) score.
Higher SEO score = higher position on Google searches = more sales?

Buzzfeed-like blog posts entitled “8 Point Checklist for New Fire Chiefs” tend to get a high number of clicks. More clicks = higher ranking on Google.

We were told that one of the points should explain why you need to buy our software.

We would rather ask our clients what’s on their “List”. There are already plenty of made-up checklists created by someone with zero years of fire experience.

Many departments using RedNMX recently elected new chiefs, so we hope this is a timely post.

If we receive enough replies, we’ll try to incorporate the feedback into industry articles, product updates, new features, and support.

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What’s on Your “List”?