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Responder App

Optimize Response Efficiency, Mobilize Truck Checks & Seamlessly Integrate with CAD and RedNMX with our iOS and Android app Built for Fire.

Real-Time Notifications & Alarms

Mobile Truck Checks & Work Orders

Scheduling & Training

Messaging & Paging

We’re Trusted by Over 600+ Fire Departments

Mobile Truck Checks & Work Orders

Streamline firefighting truck inspections with mobile devices; sync data instantly to RedNMX software, replacing old methods and ensuring readiness.

Use mobile devices for quick truck checks and image uploads.

Auto-update truck data with RedNMX for accurate records.

Maintain trucks in peak condition for instant response.

Hydrant Mapping

From their mobile device, firefighters can view a map of all nearby fire hydrants, with the data directly pulled from RedNMX, ensuring consistency and reliability.

Integrated Call Management

Dispatchers can view responding personnel in real-time and assign them to specific calls. This is accessible via the dispatch control screen, providing a centralized interface for calls.

Image Upload and Comments

Firefighters on the scene can upload images and add comments to them, providing valuable context and information for ongoing and future operations.

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Simplify tasks like truck inspections, work order management, and real-time incident updates, by integrating the RedNMX Responder App.

Available on iOS & Android

Intuitive User-Friendly Interface

Automatic RedNMX Integration

Access Critical Preplan Data

Firefighters can view critical information such as the location of the incident, property information, nearby hydrants, and dispatch notes. This data is directly pulled from RedNMX, ensuring consistency and reliability.

Fire Hydrants

Property Info

Alarm History

Equip your firefighters with the ability to stay informed and alert while responding to dispatch calls, while simultaneously allowing them to report from the field.

With Responder, all inputs are automatically synced to RedNMX, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Responder App Features

Real-Time Alarms

  • Instant fire call alerts with incident details
  • View current and past alarms
  • Critical & time-sensitive alerts

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Response History

  • Tracks all response records
  • Provides historical view for reference
  • Aids in analysis and review

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Status Updates

  • Option to mark availability status
  • Ability to set duration for each status
  • Assists in resource allocation

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Image Upload

  • On-Scene Image upload
  • Comment addition for context
  • Aids in operational information sharing

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Messaging & Paging

  • Send messages/pages via app
  • Communication for resources/instructions
  • Facilitates efficient coordination

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Response Logging

  • Quick response logging
  • Indicates response location
  • Supports record-keeping and real-time decisions

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Scheduling & Training

  • Integrates seamlessly with RedNMX’s scheduling module
  • Firefighters can view and sign up for shifts, events, trainings
  • Aids in pre-event planning with visibility to expected attendance

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Call Management

  • Real-time view of responding personnel for dispatchers
  • Assignment capability to specific calls
  • Centralized dispatch control screen for call management

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Truck Checks

  • Mobile device-based truck inspections for firefighters
  • Automatic syncing with RedNMX software
  • Ensures consistent truck maintenance

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Preplan Info Access

  • Access to incident location, nearby hydrants, dispatch notes
  • Data pulled directly from RedNMX
  • Ensures consistency and reliability of information

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Work Orders

  • View, edit, and create work orders
  • Attach images to work orders for visual context
  • Streamlines maintenance request and management process

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RedNMX Synch

  • All inputs are automatically synched to RedNMX
  • No duplicate data entry
  • Ensures data consistency and accuracy across platforms

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