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Celebrating Dedication:
The LOSAP Module on RedNMX

Honoring Every Year, Celebrating Every Firefighter.

Fire departments play an instrumental role in the safety and wellbeing of their communities. For the individuals who dedicate their lives to this noble profession, each year of service matters. Recognizing this, we at Alpine Software are proud to feature the RedNMX “Length of Service Award Points” tracking within our Personnel module.
Length of Service Award Points Module

Key Features of the LOSAP Module:

Length of Service Award Points Module
  • Accurate Initial Calculation: The core of this feature lies in its precision. The duration of each member’s service is calculated by determining the difference between the current date and the member’s joining date, found in the General Tab under the Department Information section.
  • Understanding Deductible Periods: Life has its unexpected turns. The module ensures accurate representation by acknowledging phases like inactivity, military leaves, or recovery from line-of-duty injuries. Service periods marked with a ‘Y’ in the “Deduct Time?” field are deducted to accurately represent a member’s active contribution.
  • Stay Updated:
    • Manual Update: Refresh the Years of Service data with a simple press of the “Calculate” button next to the Years of Service field.
    • Automated Update: By running the “Years of Service” report, all member data is automatically updated to the latest figures.
LOSAP Sample Report RedNMX

The Importance of Recognizing Service:

  • Boosting Morale: Recognizing a member’s tenure uplifts their spirit. It’s a cornerstone for events like award ceremonies, service milestones, and retirement parties.
  • Forward-Thinking: Knowledge of member tenure aids in succession planning, training sessions for new recruits, and transitions of responsibilities, paving the way for the department’s bright future.
  • Clear Record Keeping: Keeping precise records of each member’s service years is paramount, both for administrative purposes and to meet compliance standards.

In the heart of every fire department lies the unwavering dedication of its members. The LOSAP module is our tribute to this commitment, offering a blend of precision and acknowledgment. Every year of service tells a story of bravery, resilience, and community spirit. With the LOSAP module, RedNMX ensures that each of these stories is recognized, valued, and celebrated to their fullest.

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Features include:

  • NFIRS 5.0 Fire Incident Reporting
  • Centralized Dispatch
  • Inventory Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Non-Incident Event Management
  • Mobile Application

More than 170,000 firefighter and EMS personnel rely on RedNMX™ to meet their mission critical needs. Join them today!