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Reducing Time and Spend

East Moriches Community Ambulance

Discover how East Moriches Community Ambulance in Brookhaven, NY notably upgraded its operations and community service through the incorporation of RedNMX by Alpine Software. This examination underscores the software’s agility in catering to EMCA’s expanding requirements, exemplifying the significance of a robust records management solution.

East Moriches Community Ambulance (EMCA) is an EMS organization that serves the Brookhaven, NY area and has used Alpine Software’s records management and dispatching software for the past three years. With paid and volunteer EMTs on staff, it’s critical that they have the tools and technology needed to quickly handle emergency situations and keep their staff safe. With RedNMX, EMCA has seen significant enhancements to its communications and connectivity, ongoing safety and maintenance management, and personnel management.

The Challenges

East Moriches Community Ambulance (EMCA), operating in the bustling Brookhaven region, grappled with a series of operational challenges, accentuated by outdated software systems.

Key difficulties they encountered included:

Limited Accessibility and Mobility

Previously, the team’s software confined access to essential data solely to desktop computers. Such constraints hindered real-time updates, a significant limitation in emergency contexts where swift decisions can be life-saving.

Inefficiency and Rampant Manual Work

The old system’s lack of a user-centric interface made accessing documents, such as work orders or employee files, laborious. This led to an undue emphasis on manual inputs, diverting crucial resources and time from primary emergency duties. 

Challenge in Strategic Decision Making

The inherent inadequacies of the erstwhile software often left the team grappling to solidly back up essential operational shifts, especially concerning safety measures and personnel allocation.

“Alpine Software’s comprehensive platform helps EMCA reduce time spent on daily tasks, mitigates human error, and helps the team justify expenses when it comes to safety and personnel needs.”

Chief Ryan O’Reilly, East Moriches Community Ambulance

Line of Ambulances

The Solution

At the recommendation of a trusted fellow emergency response team, EMCA adopted RedNMX in 2019.

Enhanced Mobility and Accessibility

One standout feature that quickly gained the team’s attention was the software’s mobile-first approach. The ability to access and modify crucial data from any location, on any device, marked a pivotal shift from their previous system. EMCA’s old software posed challenges; Chief Ryan O’Reilly described it as “unintuitive” and inefficient in accessing essential documents. This outdated approach meant more manual labor and time wastage.

Efficient Communication Systems

With RedNMX in place, EMCA’s communication landscape underwent a transformation. “Whether responders are off-site, driving out to a call, or at the station, RedNMX ensures consistent connection to essential call details and among the team members,” shared Chief O’Reilly. This seamless access, ranging from cell phones to in-vehicle tablets, empowers responders to deliver accurate and timely care.

Immediate Data Retrieval During Emergencies

RedNMX equipped every EMCA vehicle with a tablet app tailored to its specific needs. This integration facilitates swift guidance to emergency locations while providing access to a plethora of historical data. “Knowing the history of a location, like repeat fall incidents, enables us to be better prepared,” emphasized Chief O’Reilly.

Improved Response Planning with In-Platform Alerts

Chief O’Reilly was particularly impressed by RedNMX’s single-application communication. This feature cuts down the manual hours previously required for message dissemination or planning, he explained, “RedNMX has streamlined our planning for major events with its calendar function and text paging system.”

Apparatus Management & Cost Justification

Managing their fleet, especially with three ambulances, was a challenge for EMCA. With RedNMX, they can efficiently keep track of vehicle health, usage patterns, and more. When it comes to making data-driven decisions about replacements or repairs, Chief O’Reilly noted, “The data RedNMX provides makes it easier to justify costs associated with major equipment replacements or repairs.”

Comprehensive Overview of Personnel Data

A significant hurdle for EMCA, with its blend of staff and volunteers, was efficiently managing training and certification records. With RedNMX, Chief O’Reilly and his team have a bird’s-eye view of all requirements, ensuring that each responder is always ready for duty. “We no longer need to sift through folders or search for records. Everything is organized and easily accessible,” Chief O’Reilly stated.

Exceptional Service Quality and Care

An often-underestimated factor when transitioning to new software is the support provided. On this, Chief O’Reilly’s feedback was glowing: “The onboarding with RedNMX was straightforward. Alpine’s team made the process smooth. Their post-adoption customer service is commendable. Any issues are addressed promptly, reflecting their dedication to customer satisfaction.”

Firefighter Using Mobile Device
Fleet of Three Fire Department Ambulances

Chief O’Reilly and EMCA’s transition to RedNMX debunked the usual concerns over complex onboarding processes, thanks to Alpine’s diligent team handling the bulk of setup tasks.

Their experience was further enriched by exemplary customer service, marked by swift, personalized responses. This scenario highlights a smooth technology adoption underpinned by exceptional support, painting a reassuring picture for entities considering similar technological shifts.

To learn about and support East Moriches Community Ambulance, visit their website or follow their Facebook page.

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