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Revolutionizing Attendance Management with the Finger Reader Kiosk Module

Empowering Emergency Response With Speed & Accuracy

In an emergency response setting, tracking personnel effectively is just as important as the quick dispatch of resources. RedNMX’s Finger Reader Kiosk Module offers a blend of ease-of-use, speed, and accuracy to manage call and event attendance, making it a must-have tool for every modern fire department.


The Finger Reader Module aims to simplify attendance recording through an intuitive application and Kiosk Manager system. The setup takes users from dispatching a call to confirming attendance in a matter of seconds, all while ensuring data accuracy and security.

Record Call/Event Attendance:

  • Dispatch a Call or Event: The initial step involves activating an event or call.
  • Open Kiosks: Once the alarm ends, activate the kiosks.
  • Enter Badge Number: On the prompt, input your badge number and proceed.
  • Finger Identification: Place your finger on the reader for identification.
  • Confirm Event: Select the call or event you are attending.
  • Select Apparatus and Position: Choose the vehicle and role for the event.
  • Confirm Attendance: Click to finalize your attendance.

Finger Kiosk Manager: The Control Hub

The Kiosk Manager provides an intuitive interface to manage your kiosks:

  • Open a Single Kiosk: For a targeted approach, activate a single kiosk for a specific event.
  • Open All Kiosks: For larger events, all kiosks can be opened simultaneously.
  • Close Kiosks: Equally simple is the process of closing a single or all kiosks.


The system has in-built troubleshooting messages, such as ‘Unknown fingerprint,’ with corresponding solutions to address any issues.

Accessing Kiosk History

For accountability and record-keeping, the Finger Reader history can be accessed and printed right from the Kiosk Manager.

Kiosk Message Entry

This unique feature allows administrators to display custom messages on the kiosk during sign-in, providing a channel for internal communications.

Why Choose the Finger Reader Module?

  • Speed: The process from dispatching a call to confirming attendance is rapid.
  • Accuracy: Finger recognition provides a higher level of accuracy compared to traditional systems.
  • Ease-of-Use: Its user-friendly interface requires minimal training.
  • Flexibility: Whether you need to open one kiosk or many, the system scales according to your needs.


The Finger Reader Module is not just a technological upgrade; it is an operational game-changer for fire departments. With its blend of speed, accuracy, and ease-of-use, the Finger Reader is setting a new standard in emergency response management.