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Elevate Your Dispatch Operations with RedNMX’s CAD Module

Taking Alarm Tracking and Response to the Next Level

In the realm of firefighting, where every second counts, having a robust and efficient dispatch system is crucial. Alpine Software Corporation’s RedNMX has been a trusted name in providing comprehensive records management software (RMS) to fire departments. One of the standout features that departments across the United States have come to rely on is the RedNMX Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) module. This module is specifically designed to add value to your alarm tracking and response capabilities.
Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) module.

Streamlined Dispatch Command Screen

The Dispatch Command Screen serves as the operational hub, offering a consolidated view of alarm details, status history, 911 history, and more. This centralization of information aids in quicker decision-making.

Efficient Call Initiation

The Dispatch Call Taker Screen simplifies the process of initiating new calls, allowing dispatchers to focus on the critical aspects of emergency response.

Enhanced Geographical Context

The Mapping System provides the geographical context needed for effective dispatch, ensuring that you’re not just quick, but also accurate in your response.

Informed Decision-Making

Emergency Address Information is readily available for any selected call, equipping you with the vital details needed for a successful operation.

Optimized Workflow

With dual monitor support, the CAD module allows for strategic window placements, ensuring that essential information is always within easy reach.

Quick Actions with Hot Keys

The module comes with hot keys for common functions, reducing the number of clicks needed to perform actions, thereby saving precious time.

Contextual Right-Click Menus

Right-click options for editing status history, managing truck statuses, and handling E911 history make the dispatch process more efficient.

Dynamic Adaptability

Whether it’s changing an address, adding apparatus during a call, or reopening a past alarm, the CAD module is built to adapt to the dynamic nature of emergency response.

Compliance and Accurate Reporting

The CAD module ensures that every alarm generates a dispatch call record, which can be easily accessed and edited for compliance and accurate reporting.
The RedNMX CAD module is not just a feature but a valuable asset for fire departments. It’s engineered to enhance your dispatch operations by streamlining tasks, improving communication, and facilitating better decision-making. With this module, you’re not just responding to emergencies; you’re mastering the dynamics of alarm tracking and response.