RedAlert™ Product Support

Alpine Software provides technical support on all systems, utilities, and interfaces for RedAlert™. We provide many different types of technical support, including the following:

  • Telephone Support - Monday thru Friday, 8:00am - 5:30pm EST
  • Optional 24 hr Paging Service
  • Continous system updates
  • Remote connection service for live trouble shooting
  • RedAlert™ Direct, our online system status and implementation manager
  • Updated Frequently Asked Questions online knowledge base

Product Enhancement Policy

Alpine Software is constantly making system enhancements based on customer feedback, trends in the fire service, standards compliance, and new technologies. More often than not, an updated version for your product is available. Give us a call, or submit a request for update using our online form.

Comments, Feedback, & Suggestions

The designers and engineers at Alpine Software love to hear your ideas, comments, and feedback regarding RedAlert™. Alpine constantly makes updates to its core system based on requests from its user base. If a customer makes a request for a certain feature which will be beneficial to the entire user base, then Alpine will make the change and make it available to all users. Contact us at any time with your thoughts!