RedNMX™ Fire Department Management System

RedAlert Modules


  1. NFIRS 5.0 Incident Reporting

    Premium Fire Incident Reporting provides for the accurate entry and submission of the state incident reports. Additional state formats are included for historical data. This module produces perfect laser printouts of each state incident report form including HazMat, Civilian, Fire, EMS, Exposure, Fire Investigations, Wild land reports. The module NFIRS 5.0 compliant and Alpine Software is on the approved vendor list.

  2. EMS Patient Care Reporting

    NEMSIS, state specific, and custom formats available. E-PCR provides for the tracking of EMS Incidents. Electronic data submission available in selected areas to meet state requirements. Quality Assurance System. Useful for tracking ambulance usage, crew response and attendance, as well as patient information. Custom reporting also available.

  3. EMS Billing Data Export

    Generates formatted data export for billing services. Data is electronically sent to your billing company. System can be customized to cover special requirements and different billing company specifications.

  4. CAD Interface

    Integration with several different CAD vendors. CAD Systems automatically populate NFIRS, EMS, Unit History, and staffing records.

  5. Queue Based Incident Reporting

    Simplifies multi-unit call response reporting by assigning NFIRS and EMS reports by first in unit or your specific operational procedures. This module minimizes the information required to be viewed by responding personnel. Conveniently ties together incoming CAD data, NFIRS, EMS, Unit Report, and Personnel Attendance or Scheduled Personnel information.

  6. Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD)

    Complete Dispatch system provides an interactive software program that tracks apparatus and incident status. Fully integrated with the Property/Preplan, Incident Reporting, GIS Mapping, and Apparatus modules. Automates the call-taking, status monitoring, dispatching, and history keeping functions of a dispatch center. CAD allows dispatchers quick access information and supports Wide Area Networks utilizing multiple real-time status monitors in the Dispatch Center and remote station hot printers. Fully integrated with our mobile unit platforms.

  7. Priority Dispatch ProQA™ EMD Card System

    Alpine is a fully certified ProQA™ integrator. This feature is designed to replace manual card sets and automatically launch the Priority Dispatch program immediately after the dispatch process begins. The dispatcher can then proceed to work through the call in the most efficient way possible. All relevant call information and data entered into either RedNMX CAD or ProQA™ is automatically transferred to the other program.

  8. Truck Bay Bulletin Board Display

    Multiple display options available depending on system configuration. Can include current call, property information, GIS map display, recent call history, department messages, and apparatus status.

  9. Caller ID Interface

    Utilizes standard TAPI phone systems with enhanced caller ID service. Displays calls directly on screen for dispatchers and enables faster dispatch. Also keeps call history.

  10. E911 Interface

    Links directly with Computer Aided Dispatch module. Different links are available depending on 911 system. These include printer capture, E-Mail, and Serial Inputs.

  11. Alpha Numeric Paging / Text Messaging Interface

    Links with 3rd Party CAD Interface or Computer Aided Dispatch for sending a page at the time of the alarm. Incorporates Alpha Numeric Paging for automatic notification of emergency personnel. Fully accommodates standard individual and group TAPI paging, internet based paging, text messaging, and e-mailing. Send pages to individuals and/or groups. Send pages based upon call type and status.

  12. FRDS

    Enables personnel to electronically notify dispatchers or other personnel they are responding. Users simply reply to text message received at time of call. Allows for dispatchers and incident commanders to monitor, in real time, the number of personnel responding to incidents. See WHO is responding and WHERE they are responding to.

  13. Property / Preplan

    Assists in the management of pre-plans and site-plans for properties. Property records are indexed on multiple fields to allow for quick access to the correct address based on limited information. Pre-Plan entry screens can be customized to match department needs.

  14. Pictometry® Interface

    Directly integrates Pictometry® orthographic imagery with RedAlert Property Preplan and GIS mapping modules.

  15. Hydrant Management

    Tracks all hydrants in a district, including maintenance, size, flow, and inspection. System links with CAD System to notify dispatchers of hydrants with deficient flow rates or out of service. Includes inspection/maintenance scheduling and reporting.

  16. Chemical Database (HazMat)

    Provides access to HazMat chemical information, synonyms, trade names and Material Safety Data Sheets for over 4200 hazardous materials and chemicals.mChemical information can be linked directly with the CAD and Property Modules to assist dispatchers in providing critical information in the field.

  17. Site Plan, Document Imaging

    Module allows you to attach documents to several of the modules. Examples include the ability to attach a graphic floor plan to a commercial address, incident drawing to a ems incident, and a photograph to a fire investigation. Attach JPG, PDF and other image files.

  18. GIS Mapping (Geographic Information System)

    Displays district maps - streets, intersections, incident locations, hydrant/water sources, as well as responding apparatus. Gives dispatchers information pertaining to construction, high traffic zones and best routes to incident location. Inexpensive map data is available for every locality utilizing ESRI ArcView in the USA and Canada. Alpine Software is an ESRI Business Partner.

  19. AVL Tracking

    Allows for the displaying of all apparatus on the ESRI mapping system.

  20. Inspections and Violations / Fire Prevention

    Connects directly with Property/Pre-Plan Module, allows for management of inspections, scheduling, tracks violations, generates letters and prints reports. Supports BOCA, Uniform Fire Code (UFC), NFPA, New York Building Code Index, New Jersey Code and others in addition to entry of local codes and ordinances.

  21. Permit Management

    Comprehensive system designed to track various permits required by the fire department, building department or other municipal agencies.

  22. Mobile Dispatch System

    Enables remote users to send and receive dispatch call information. Compatible with both RedAlert™ CAD and select 3rd Party CAD Systems. Mapping, preplan, GPS, HazMat and mobile NFIRS options.

  23. Mobile Inspection System

    Enables field inspectors to easily collect inspection information and input their findings into the system. It also allows inspectors to issue violations and print out compliance or violation notices on scene. Property/preplan information can be gathered and updated while the inspector is on location, providing an easy way to keep premise information current.

  24. Mobile Patient Care Reporting System

    Enables field personnel to remotely collect data and complete pre-hospital patient care reports. It is customized to include all of your department’s reporting requirements.

  25. Mobile NFIRS 5.0 Reporting System

    Enables field personnel to remotely collect data and complete FEMA certified NFIRS 5.0 fire incident reports. It utilizes FEMA’s specification requirements and allows field users to begin entering report information while away from the department.

  26. Mobile Preplan

    Designed for non dispatch departments that maintain an address database with critical preplan information. Access to all preplan information available for a given location. Stores available site plans. Displays recent call history.

  27. Personnel Management

    Manages membership/personnel information including medical records, inventory, incident and event attendance, training requirements and other pertinent data required by your department. Links directly to LOSAP reports for volunteer departments.

  28. Training and Station Event Management

    Assists in tracking training schedules and course requirements. This module produces several different reports that flag which personnel are deficient in specific training requirements. Also tracks an unlimited number of other non-incident events including meetings, drills, work details, standbys and other events. Personnel attendance is also compiled to provide data for manpower and point standing reports.

  29. Fingerprint Touch Screen Kiosk Attendance System

    This module is combined with specialized hardware to provide a highly customizable personnel attendance and event tracking solution. Personnel are positively identified through the integrated biometric finger reader and the touch screen allows for entry of additional participation information for incidents, drills, training, duty hours, and any other type of event. It guarantees that the individual was present at the time of verification. This module is available is customized to meets the departments operational procedures. All solutions fully integrate with LOSAP.

  30. Key FOB Proximity RFID Attendance System

    Similar to Biometric Fingerprint attendance but configured to utilize existing or new Key FOB security tags or cards. Integrated with existing security or stand alone proximity readers (available from Alpine for most systems). RFID cards can also be utilized with ID module. All solutions fully integrate with LOSAP.

  31. Length of Service Awards Program (LOSAP)

    Service Awards Programs have been established by several state legislatures to help benefit volunteer firefighters and retain membership. In order for these programs to be fully implemented, the firefighter's yearly activity, including incident and non-incident attendance, offices, committees, and several other events must be tracked. This can become quite complicated. This module provides an easy means to track data efficiently and produce reports mandated by the various programs. Reports are customized the departments specific requirements and needs.

  32. Career Personnel Scheduling System

    Manages scheduling of paid personnel and setting hours and shifts. Tracks pay rates, sick leave, and station schedules. 3rd party interfaces for other software products like Telestaff. Optional payroll interfaces are also available.

  33. TeleStaff™ Integration

    Works in tandem with the TeleStaff Gateway Manager™ to receive and integrate staffing and personnel data into the RedAlert Personnel Scheduling system.

  34. Daily Log and Journal

    Manages fire department entry of daily events. Replaces paper records. Allows for instance access to daily events. Stores routine entries such as daily radio tests or rig checks for rapid entry.

  35. Personnel Picture and Document Imaging

    Can display firefighter pictures, generate custom designed identification cards and attach scanned documents to personnel records.

  36. Inventory Management

    Tracks all inventory for a department. Inventory can be assigned to personnel, apparatus, fire stations and even be tracked by vendor. Service history and ownership is also recorded.

  37. Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Management

    System tracks SCBA records, service, inspections and maintenance. Allows for setting inspection and maintenance intervals for hydrostatic test dates, general service, and end of service dates. SCBAs can also be assigned to stations, personnel, and apparatus.

  38. Hose Management

    Tracks hose inventory and hose testing. Allows for quick access to location and batch testing of hoses. Automatically flags which hoses are scheduled for testing and provides assigned location.

  39. Inventory Bar Coding

    Links with inventory modules and provides a quick and easy way of taking department inventory. Simply pass wand over inventory item’s bar code.

  40. Apparatus Management

    Tracks apparatus records, service, inspections, inventory, and incident/non-incident usage. Includes Additional Specifications section to track additional apparatus information. Links with Incident, CAD, Personnel and Inventory modules. Produces several reports providing maintenance and inspection schedules based on mileage, date, incident usage, and hours.

  41. Work Order Management

    Is fully integrated with the Hydrant, Inventory, Hose, Apparatus, and SCBA modules. Allows for the quick generation and management of equipment problems. Fully integrated with all service histories.

  42. Security Access

    Provides for a multi level password protected method of restricting information and functions. Allows for the tracking of user logins and automatic logout features in the case of system inactivity.

  43. Custom Reporting

    Rapid report access menu. All reports created either by Alpine or your agency utilizing Crystal Reports can be linked through this module to be directly available from a single icon on the RedAlert desktop.

  44. Fund Drive Management

    Generates and manages department fund drives. Generates CASS certified mailings and utilizes bar coding for rapid entry of donations. Includes several different mailing layouts.

  45. Voter Registration

    Designed specifically for Fire District Voter tracking. Eliminates sign in books, processes voters much faster. Includes electronic signature capture.

  46. Smartphone Applications

    Over a dozen RedAlert modules and functions available for use on any smartphone - inventory, work orders, member call in, paging, open incidents and more.