New Features

Alpine Software is constantly working to improve the RedNMX System. Here is a list of some recent fixes and improvements.

Date Feature Example Module Type Status Referral
+Non Incident Sign Up Enhancement

It is now possible to turn on the sign up minimum and sign up maximum fields for specific non incident events. Because of COVID 19 and the Coronovirus, many departments are having to setup limits on how many can attend certain events.

Also, departments can set a minimum in order to determine if there is enough interest or required sign ups for the event to take place.

NF NI Enhancement Done Jericho Fire Department
ID: 734
+Inventory Status Mass Update Feature

This feature applies to the inventory status found in the inventory entry system. The inventory status field came out years after many departments entered their inventory, so many of the inventory items are blank.

It is now possible for an administrator to be able to mass update all blank inventory status fields with the select inventory status. You must have inventory setup in order to do this.

  INV Enhancement Done Clayton Fire Department, New York
ID: 732
+New Report: Incident Log: FEMA Friendly Version

A new report has been added to the NFIRS Reporting System. Select this report to print out the incident run log. This report includes incident number, date and time, address, type, number attending, length, and manpower. It also includes the apparatus counts by usage (Other, Suppression, and EMS.
It include totals on the bottom.

NF INC Enhancement Done Southard Fire Department
ID: 728
+Report Key Word Search

A new function has been added to the report manager. The Search button will allow the user to search for a key word like FEMA or LOSAP. The results are listed on in the Search Results window.

NF REDNMX Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 729
+New Feature: Remove you Sign Up Entry

It is now possible to delete your sign up entry if you changed you mind about attending the event.

NF RESPAPP Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 730
+AVL Mileage for Hospital

The AVL Mileage Screen has been enhanced to have the hospital, start, end and travel distance on the same screen.

NF MOBCAD Under Development. Fall 2020 Beta Testing Woodmere Fire Department
ID: 731
+Enhancements to Report: NFIRS Apparatus Usage (FEMA)

Several enhancements have been made to the NFIRS Apparatus Usage (FEMA) report. Several new totals have been added for tracking by Suppression, EMS and Other types have been added.

This report is used to report to FEMA and OEM for reimbursements.

NF APP Enhancement Done Southard Fire Department
ID: 726
+Email Reports from Report Manager

It is now possible to email a report directory from the report manager. You must use a valid return email address.

NF REDNMX Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 723
+Digital Custom Dashboard

Alpine Software has developed and is not testing a new Digital Dashboard. This Dashboard is based on what user is logged in. It can aggregate the following information:

- Call Status
- Weather
- Overtime Status
- Apparatus Status
- Open Work Orders

Any many more functions. Basic parts of the dashboard are now in Beta testing with a few fire departments. Please email INFO@ALPINESOFTWARE.COM for more information.

NF REDNMX Under Development. Winter 2020 Beta Testing RedNMX System
ID: 727
+Responder Service Update

Responder app modified to hide AVL mobile messaging from the dispatch history. Can be opted back in via a service configuration setting.

  RESPAPP Enhancement Done Nanuet Fire District
ID: 721
+Emergency Contact Phone List

Added Personnel Emergency Contact Phone List report.

Report includes all personnel phone numbers, address, and emergency contact name and phone.

  PERS Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 722
+CAD change

Made an ini setting to NOT transfer the Narrative from remote NFIRSMAIN to local NFIRSMAIN.

  DISP Enhancement Done Eggertsville Fire District
ID: 720
+Personnel Camera Option

It is now possible to take a picture using the camera on the laptop or an external camera. You can use these photos for the ID Card Module. This option requires the ID Card Module, and the Personnel Picture Option.

NF REDNMX Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 724
+COVID 19 Testing

It is now possible to track Covid 19 Testing in the Batch Medical History System. Check out the screen shot. Enter a Covid Test type in the Medical Actions.

Key words: Batch Medical Testing, Coronavirus, COVID

NF PERS Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 733
+Security Profile Count

A new tally button has been added to count up the total number of users for each security profile.

  SEC Enhancement Done Kannapolis Fire Department
ID: 719
+Copy Attendence Error

When copying attendence from either a nfirs incident or a non incident the program would error out if the event length was 0. This issue has been corrected.

  INC Error in System Done Melville Fire Department
ID: 718
+Print Roster Error

Corrected system wide error when selecting the "Print Roster" button from Incident or Non-Incident Roster.

Report Parameters will load correctly allowing you to specify how the roster prints.

  INC Error in System Done RedNMX System
ID: 717
+Larimore CAD Interface

Developed an interface to connect to Larimore based CAD systems. This interface uses a direct connection to the CAD Database.

  CADINT New Module, Email for Info Done Sag Harbor Fire Department
ID: 716
+NYS LOSAP Covid-19 Award - Senate Bill S8251B

Added setup forms to enter effective date ranges and point values of adopted resolutions as result of Senate Bill S8251B in personnel setup.

This will allow control over awarding COVID-19 points to members while running under restricted rules that prevented normal response and department events.

Provisions also added to deduct COVID-19 points to new members and members unavailable to respond.

NF NF LOSAP Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 714
+Report Sort Order

Added Code and Description sort to the Training Subject: Summary History Report

  NI Enhancement Done Montclair Fire Department
ID: 715
+Schedule Enhancement: Unapprove History by Range

A new Schedule Enhancement has been added. It allows to unapprove history by a date range. You must have the Edit Locked Records setting turned on for your user security.

  SCHD Enhancement Done Hampton Fire Department
ID: 713
+New Report: Geo File: NFIRS Fix Property Summary

A new report has been added. It is called "Geo File: NFIRS Fix Property Summary" and is found in the property section of the report manager. It will print all of the occupany records based on the NFIRS Fixed Property Usage field.

  PROP Enhancement Done Windsor Fire Department
ID: 704
+Updated Sending Fax Security

Upgraded the security encryption protocol on sending outbound pcr faxes.

  EMS Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 706
+Enhancement to Module

When selecting primary unit on call the next field would be ems unit call number which is the same as the other field. This change combines the two fields to allow easier data entry.

  NEMSIS3 Enhancement Done Muskegon Central Dispatch
ID: 709
+Dispatch Setup

An error has been corrected for the Dispatch Response Setup. This error occurred when there were no responses entered and a response zone was selected.

  DISP Error in System Done Gates Fire District
ID: 710
+Non Incident Field Mapping

The career schedule location fields was not mapped in the non incident module. This has been corrected.

  NI Error in System Done RedNMX System
ID: 712
+Status Code Coding

The inventory inspection status reports now include color coding the item status.

  INV Enhancement Done Hampton Fire Department
ID: 711
+Responder Event Date and Type Selector

Added the ability to select and change the starting date in the Events and Training section of the Responder app. Also, the ability to filter the selection of events by type has been added as well. Use the new options to display the next sixty events of that type from the selected starting date.

NF RESPAPP Enhancement Done Syosset Fire District
ID: 701
+Daily Activity Report

Shows all incidents, non-incidents, inspections, and daily log records for the day

  REDNMX Enhancement Done Lower Allen Township Fire Department
ID: 698
+Error when unit does not have a location

There was a bug in the dispatching module that if you selected find unit on map and the unit did not have a latitude and longitude it would error out

  DISP Error in System Done City of Niagara Falls Fire Department
ID: 700
+New Report: Personnel Responder Default Settings

A new report has been added to printout the responder default settings like stations, ETA, qualifications, and email address.

  RESPAPP Enhancement Done Monsey Fire Department
ID: 707
+New Report: Inspection History by Line Item

A new report has been added that prints a grid report based on the inventory inspection type. This report is specific to one inspection type. It also supports color coding of the inspection item result or status.

  INV Enhancement Done Hampton Fire Department
ID: 708
+Nfirs Email System

Added a button to email or fax an incident report.

  INC Enhancement Done Hot Springs Fire Department
ID: 697
+Paging Totals

Several new fields have been added to assist with auditing paging status. The number of skipped, new, and sent.

  PAGE Enhancement Done Floral Park Fire Department
ID: 705
+Change to the RedNMXToRedNMX CAD interface

So that Hampton Bays could send an additional units requested page on that status code when dispatching to east quogue

  PAGE Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 696
+Enhance Kiosk Security

An enhanced security option is now available to manage various levels of program and admin access to kiosk.

The following options have been made available

Finger Admin - Grants full admin access to the kiosk application. This is the equivalent to the legacy Admin user. Further access levels do not need to be granted.

Finger Enrollment - Grants access to enroll members on kiosk.

Finger Incident Admin - Grants access to manage Incident events on kiosk. This includes opening and closing events, when enabled, and manually added personnel to incidents.

Finger Non-Incident Admin - Grants access to manage Non-Incident events on kiosk. This includes opening and closing events, when enabled, and manually added personnel to events.

Finger Work Orders - Grants access to add work orders on kiosk. Work orders module must be available in RedNMX system and enabled on kiosk.

This feature can be enabled as needed with an update.

  FINGER Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 695
+Equipment Use Reports for Covid 19

Added Equipment Usage Item List for FEMA Reporting

Enhanced Equipment Used Count Report

These reports can be found under the NFIRS Incident section of the Reporting Module.

This will allow departments to better track resources used during the COVID-19 National Emergency Response.

Additional enhancements to come with tracking equipment used.

  INC Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 694
+Schedule Location

Muskegon Requested to be able to filter by station location.

  INSP Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 693
+Personnel Medical History Narrative

The narrative selection tool is now available with the personnel medical history entry. You can add pre-set narratives in the system setup.

NF PERS Enhancement Done Bay Shore Fire District
ID: 691
+Recurring Non-Incidents that span a day

It was found the utility to create recurring Non-Incidents had a bug if the event started late at night and went into the next morning (e.g. Standby/Sleepover). The utility was incorrectly setting the end date time with the proper time but with a date part the same as the starting date/time.

  NI Error in System Done RedNMX System
ID: 692