New Features

Alpine Software is constantly working to improve the RedNMX System. Here is a list of some recent fixes and improvements.

Date Feature Example Module Type Status Referral
+Responder Non Standard Shift Support

The scheduling view of the Responder app now supports customizing when a "day" begins and ends.

  RESPAPP Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 766
+Expiration Date

The expiration date has been added to the inventory report criteria, and also to the inventory report.

NF INV Enhancement Done Baldwin Fire District
ID: 767
+New Parameter for Turn Out Gear Report

Added the option to select inventory status when running the Full Inventory Turn Out Gear Report

  INV Enhancement Done Bushnells Basin Fire Department
ID: 765
+Manpower Averages and Totals by Incident Type

The Manpower Analysis by Incident Type has been optimized to run upwards of 50 times faster as the number of queries has been reduced to run better on the Cloud Servers.

NF INC Enhancement Done Muskegon Central Dispatch
ID: 762
+Years of Service Calculation Prompt

The Years of Service Prompt has been changed to better describe if you need to run the routine prior to sort a report.

NF LOSAP Enhancement Done Port Washington Fire Department
ID: 763
+Inventory Manufacturer

A correction was made to the inventory manufacturer Setup. It was missing a setup field. This has been corrected.

  INV Error in System Done Cortlandville Fire District
ID: 761
+Attendance Check Box System

The Multi Agency Check Box Attendance System has been enhanced so that when you check off a different agency, you cannot select another one until it is drawn up.

  REDNMX Enhancement Done Loudoun County Department of Fire & Rescue
ID: 760
+Personnel Awards and Citation Tracking

A new record history has been added to the personnel history tab. It is called the Award and Citations History. You can add different awards that are given out to fire and ems personnel.

NF PERS Enhancement Done Brentwood Fire District
ID: 758
+Searching Report Dictionary

The Report Search System has been enhanced. It is now possible to search for the existance of 2 key words that can exist in the report description, menu choice, or narrative.

Alpine Tech personnel have been updating the report dictionary with search tags to better assist in this function.

NF REDNMX Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 759
+NFIRS Validition October 2020 Update

Incident validation updated for the following enforcement changes by FEMA:

In addition the following enforcement rule changes/corrections were made:

1) Only Primary Agency, State, and Their Number is submitted in section D (Mutual Aid Given or Recieved) if Type = 3 or 4.

2) If Incident Type = 571 (stand by) and if Aid Given or Received = codes 3, 4 , then only the information on
the Basic module through Block D will be submitted. Limited optional fields from sections E, F, G, H, I, and J will be submitted. No change for end user.

3) Corrected critical error with Human Factors on Fire Report. Only age value will be submitted if "Age was a factor" is checked. Previously defaulting to 0 and is now sending null value. No change for end user.

  INC Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 757
+Years of Service Sort

Added prompt when selecting Years of Service Sort option for personnel reports.

This will prompt users to recalculate the stored YOS value for all personnel so reports sort correctly.

Prompt will only occur once if YOS calculations are determined out of date.

  PERS Enhancement Done Port Washington Fire Department
ID: 756
+Schedule Sub Type Catch All in Gui

If a Schedule type has a sub type, it will show up on the gui if it is a catch all type

  SCHD Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 755
+E911 Call Queue Enhancement

Enhanced ability to queue E911 or caller id entries from the dispatch control screen.

This will allow dispatchers to start the dispatch call taker screen from an E911 entry and save as a queued call.

This saves call taker information allowing dispatchers to come back later to if higher priority calls come in.

  DISP Enhancement Done Amherst Central Fire Alarm Office
ID: 753
+Responder Training and Event Sign Up Limits

Responder app has been updated to include the new Training/Non Incident Event sign up limitations. Users of the RedNMX System can set minimum and maximum attendance limits for an event. The Responder app now displays and enforces these limitations.

NF RESPAPP Enhancement Done Jericho Fire Department
ID: 752
+Work Order Request Type now Mandatory

When entering a work order, the Request Type field is now mandatory to ensure pages for the work order get sent out.

  WO Enhancement Done Brewster Fire Department
ID: 751
+Active / Inactive Bulletin Board Status

A new bulletin board concept has been developed that works for departments that always have active calls. The attached image shows both the active and inactive bulletins.

- Status Screens like Truck Out of Service and Messages can always be seen.
- Ability to display the schedule.
- Screen cycles through all active calls.

If there is a time that there are no calls, the inactive mode will be displayed.

NF TB New Module, Email for Info Done City of Niagara Falls Fire Department
ID: 749
+Target Solutions Import Fix

Fixed the Target Solutions import to be compatible for TLS 1.2. This change is to keep RedNMX Target Solutions Interface compatible to continue pulling certifications into RedNMX

  NI Error in System Done Loudoun County Department of Fire & Rescue
ID: 748
+Personnel Batch Change Update System

A new feature has been added to the personnel system. This function allows you query specific personnel, and then select a field to be changed.

This can also be used to correct bad data. For example, you can update the PERS.CITY field with the correct data.

You can select any field in the personnel table to batch change and update.

NF PERS Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 743
+New View: Individual Training History

A new view has been added to the Non Incident Module. It is called the Training Certifications History. This view shows all training entries for all personnel You must have Non Incident Setup rights in order to access it.

You can also
- Search by the unique identifier.
- Search by personnel
- Search by a date attended range.
- Search by the course expiration date.

NF NI Enhancement Done Loudoun County Department of Fire & Rescue
ID: 744
+iOS 14 Support

Alpine Software is pleased to announce support of Apple iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 for our RedNMX AVL and Responder Mobile Apps.

You will NOT need to make any update to the AVL or Responder. It is already installed.

  RESPAPP Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 745
+Rank Search by Identifier

The Personnel Rank History View has been enhanced. This view can only be accessed when you have personnel set up security settings on.

A new search has been added. It is the Identifier field. This is a unique field that is included in the personnel detail printout. This field does not repeat and cannot be reused.

NF PERS Enhancement Done Loudoun County Department of Fire & Rescue
ID: 739
+New View: Committee History

A new view has been added to the system to assist in auditing LOSAP for the entire fire department. This is called the Committee History. You must have personnel setup rights to be able to access this view.

NF PERS Enhancement Done Loudoun County Department of Fire & Rescue
ID: 741
+Personnel Involved View

A new view has been added to the Non Incident module. It is called the View Personnel Involved. This view is used to display all personnel involved in non incident events.

You must have Non Incident Module setup rights to access this view.

You are able to access the view from the main menu. There are also several search parameters.

NF NI Enhancement Done Loudoun County Department of Fire & Rescue
ID: 742
+New Report

A new report has been added to the system. It is called the Personnel Detail History report. This report printouts all of the history for a single person. It includes
- Call Attendance
- Non Incident Attendance
- Schedule or Duty Hours History
- Rank
- Committee History
- Individual Training History
- Instructor History.

This data is printed in order as it happened. Each category is color coded and their are totals on the bottom for points and length.

This report is helpful in auditing point systems.

NF PERS Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 738
+Additional Searches

A new column and field search has been added to the the primary schedule view. This search is called the Identifier. This is the first column in the view.

This is the SCHDHIST.SCHDHISTID primary key field. This field cannot be changed or repeated, even if the last five records are deleted, the next record have the next key that would have been used.

NF SCHD Enhancement Done Loudoun County Department of Fire & Rescue
ID: 736
+Exposure Module

Alpine Software has developed a custom exposure module for use by fire departments. This module can be customized to meet the local needs like the medical director requirement.

Exposures can be linked to either NFIRS incidents, trainings, or stand alone. They are also linked to the personnel module and are viewed in the confidential part of the program.

Please email INFO@ALPINESOFTWARE.COM for more information on how the exposure module can be setup for your department.

NF NF PERSEXP New Module, Email for Info Done RedNMX System
ID: 737
+Work Order Dashboard

Alpine Software in in the process of completing a new Work Order Dashboard. This new feature will:

- Visually display work orders by status.
- Allow for Drag and Drop from one status to another.
- Allow for filtering by user and assigned to.

This screen will also auto refresh on a timer, so it can be displayed on a big screen in the fire department.

You can forward comments regarding this feature to TECH@ALPINESOFTWARE.COM.

NF WO Under Development. Fall 2020 Started Jericho Fire Department
ID: 740
+Dispatch Queue System

A new feature has been added to the Disaptch Module. It is call the (D)ispatch (Q)ueue (S)ystem, DQS. This feature allows a dispatcher or call take to save a call to a queue prior to dispatching.

From the call taker form, dispatchers can start entering a call and then hit "F9 - Add to Queue". This will put the call in a QUEUED status with out generating a page, dispatching units, or creating a report.

The call remains in a QUEUED status until the dispatcher is ready to dispatch. Upon dispatching, saved information will be brought up in the call taker to quickly dispatch the call.

This allows dispatchers to save progress on a call if a higher priority call comes in and also allows multiple dispatchers to work together to dispatch and manage calls.

The call will also be displayed on the map, and the mobiles will know that there is a pending call. The DQS can also be populated by other dispatch systems, and E911.

This new feature was developed with departments that dispatch thousands of calls, and also for when there is a storm and you can get upwards of 100 plus calls in an hour.

NF DISP Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 746
+Responder Non Incident Event Sign up Min and Max

The RedNMX Responder program now includes the ability to set maximums and minimums in the event sign up system. This was requested because of the COVID 19 requirements that only a fixed number of people can attend certain events.

You can also set up the minimum so that an admin or a chief can see if they have enough attending to justify going ahead.

These fields are turned on in the incident setup.

NF RESPAPP Enhancement Done Jericho Fire Department
ID: 735
+Non Incident Sign Up Enhancement

It is now possible to turn on the sign up minimum and sign up maximum fields for specific non incident events. Because of COVID 19 and the Coronovirus, many departments are having to setup limits on how many can attend certain events.

Also, departments can set a minimum in order to determine if there is enough interest or required sign ups for the event to take place.

NF NI Enhancement Done Jericho Fire Department
ID: 734
+Inventory Status Mass Update Feature

This feature applies to the inventory status found in the inventory entry system. The inventory status field came out years after many departments entered their inventory, so many of the inventory items are blank.

It is now possible for an administrator to be able to mass update all blank inventory status fields with the select inventory status. You must have inventory setup in order to do this.

  INV Enhancement Done Clayton Fire Department, New York
ID: 732
+New Report: Incident Log: FEMA Friendly Version

A new report has been added to the NFIRS Reporting System. Select this report to print out the incident run log. This report includes incident number, date and time, address, type, number attending, length, and manpower. It also includes the apparatus counts by usage (Other, Suppression, and EMS.
It include totals on the bottom.

NF INC Enhancement Done Southard Fire Department
ID: 728
+Report Key Word Search

A new function has been added to the report manager. The Search button will allow the user to search for a key word like FEMA or LOSAP. The results are listed on in the Search Results window.

NF REDNMX Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 729
+New Feature: Remove you Sign Up Entry

It is now possible to delete your sign up entry if you changed you mind about attending the event.

NF RESPAPP Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 730
+AVL Mileage for Hospital

The AVL Mileage Screen has been enhanced to have the hospital, start, end and travel distance on the same screen.

NF MOBCAD Under Development. Fall 2020 Beta Testing Woodmere Fire Department
ID: 731
+Enhancements to Report: NFIRS Apparatus Usage (FEMA)

Several enhancements have been made to the NFIRS Apparatus Usage (FEMA) report. Several new totals have been added for tracking by Suppression, EMS and Other types have been added.

This report is used to report to FEMA and OEM for reimbursements.

NF APP Enhancement Done Southard Fire Department
ID: 726
+Email Reports from Report Manager

It is now possible to email a report directory from the report manager. You must use a valid return email address.

NF REDNMX Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 723
+Digital Custom Dashboard

Alpine Software has developed and is not testing a new Digital Dashboard. This Dashboard is based on what user is logged in. It can aggregate the following information:

- Call Status
- Weather
- Overtime Status
- Apparatus Status
- Open Work Orders

Any many more functions. Basic parts of the dashboard are now in Beta testing with a few fire departments. Please email INFO@ALPINESOFTWARE.COM for more information.

NF REDNMX Under Development. Winter 2020 Beta Testing RedNMX System
ID: 727
+Responder Service Update

Responder app modified to hide AVL mobile messaging from the dispatch history. Can be opted back in via a service configuration setting.

  RESPAPP Enhancement Done Nanuet Fire District
ID: 721
+Emergency Contact Phone List

Added Personnel Emergency Contact Phone List report.

Report includes all personnel phone numbers, address, and emergency contact name and phone.

  PERS Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 722