New Features

Alpine Software is constantly working to improve the RedNMX System. Here is a list of some recent fixes and improvements.

Date Feature Example Module Type Status Referral
+Non Incident Field Mapping

The career schedule location fields was not mapped in the non incident module. This has been corrected.

  NI Error in System Done RedNMX System
ID: 712
+Status Code Coding

The inventory inspection status reports now include color coding the item status.

  INV Enhancement Done Hampton Fire Department
ID: 711
+Responder Event Date and Type Selector

Added the ability to select and change the starting date in the Events and Training section of the Responder app. Also, the ability to filter the selection of events by type has been added as well. Use the new options to display the next sixty events of that type from the selected starting date.

NF RESPAPP Enhancement Done Syosset Fire District
ID: 701
+Daily Activity Report

Shows all incidents, non-incidents, inspections, and daily log records for the day

  REDNMX Enhancement Done Lower Allen Township Fire Department
ID: 698
+Error when unit does not have a location

There was a bug in the dispatching module that if you selected find unit on map and the unit did not have a latitude and longitude it would error out

  DISP Error in System Done City of Niagara Falls Fire Department
ID: 700
+New Report: Personnel Responder Default Settings

A new report has been added to printout the responder default settings like stations, ETA, qualifications, and email address.

  RESPAPP Enhancement Done Monsey Fire Department
ID: 707
+New Report: Inspection History by Line Item

A new report has been added that prints a grid report based on the inventory inspection type. This report is specific to one inspection type. It also supports color coding of the inspection item result or status.

  INV Enhancement Done Hampton Fire Department
ID: 708
+Nfirs Email System

Added a button to email or fax an incident report.

  INC Enhancement Done Hot Springs Fire Department
ID: 697
+Paging Totals

Several new fields have been added to assist with auditing paging status. The number of skipped, new, and sent.

  PAGE Enhancement Done Floral Park Fire Department
ID: 705
+Change to the RedNMXToRedNMX CAD interface

So that Hampton Bays could send an additional units requested page on that status code when dispatching to east quogue

  PAGE Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 696
+Enhance Kiosk Security

An enhanced security option is now available to manage various levels of program and admin access to kiosk.

The following options have been made available

Finger Admin - Grants full admin access to the kiosk application. This is the equivalent to the legacy Admin user. Further access levels do not need to be granted.

Finger Enrollment - Grants access to enroll members on kiosk.

Finger Incident Admin - Grants access to manage Incident events on kiosk. This includes opening and closing events, when enabled, and manually added personnel to incidents.

Finger Non-Incident Admin - Grants access to manage Non-Incident events on kiosk. This includes opening and closing events, when enabled, and manually added personnel to events.

Finger Work Orders - Grants access to add work orders on kiosk. Work orders module must be available in RedNMX system and enabled on kiosk.

This feature can be enabled as needed with an update.

  FINGER Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 695
+Equipment Use Reports for Covid 19

Added Equipment Usage Item List for FEMA Reporting

Enhanced Equipment Used Count Report

These reports can be found under the NFIRS Incident section of the Reporting Module.

This will allow departments to better track resources used during the COVID-19 National Emergency Response.

Additional enhancements to come with tracking equipment used.

  INC Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 694
+Schedule Location

Muskegon Requested to be able to filter by station location.

  INSP Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 693
+Personnel Medical History Narrative

The narrative selection tool is now available with the personnel medical history entry. You can add pre-set narratives in the system setup.

NF PERS Enhancement Done Bay Shore Fire District
ID: 691
+Recurring Non-Incidents that span a day

It was found the utility to create recurring Non-Incidents had a bug if the event started late at night and went into the next morning (e.g. Standby/Sleepover). The utility was incorrectly setting the end date time with the proper time but with a date part the same as the starting date/time.

  NI Error in System Done RedNMX System
ID: 692
+Property Plotting with Google Maps

You can now use Google Maps with the Property Plotting function.

  GIS Enhancement Done Duxbury Fire Department
ID: 690
+Search Feature for Reports

Search all of your available reports by keyword.

  REDNMX Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 689
+NFIRS Validation Change

The incident validator has been updated to confirm that you cannot enter contents and property loss less than the contents and property value.

  INC Enhancement Done Henrietta Fire District
ID: 687
+Shift Splitting

The Shift Splitting Utility now allow for splitting a shift into 3 blocks. This is to expedite the concept of when someone is reassigned to another station for 4 hours in a 24 hour shift, or someone leaves for several hours to attend to a personal event.

  SCHD Enhancement Done Montclair Fire Department
ID: 688
+Dispatch Call Type Report Entry

The Report Type field in the Dispatch Call Type now has primary validation to ensure that the report type is entered correctly.

  DISP Enhancement Done Hauppauge Fire District
ID: 686
+Responder Update

Responder Update 1.092 released. This release includes a fix for a bug with not being able to see a text box in the paging area if user has iOS dark mode enabled.

  RESPAPP Error in System Done RedNMX System
ID: 702
+added manufacturer date

Added the MANUFACTURER date to the inventory listing report

  INV Enhancement Done Parker District Fire Department
ID: 685
+Inspection Condition Filters

All of the Inspection Report Conditions now are multi FDID compliant. If you are running a multi agency system, you can now select the agency.

  INSP Enhancement Done Muskegon Central Dispatch
ID: 684
+Memo Time Stamping

We have enhanced the program so that the time stamp function all memos in the RedNMX will now place the time stamp where the cursor is, rather than going to the end. This will be included in the next update.

  REDNMX Enhancement Done Rochester Fire Department
ID: 683
+Personnel Incident Attendance Task Summary Enhancement

There has been an enhancement for the Personnel Incident Attendance Task Summary

The incident task descriptions have been added to the report summary.

  INC Enhancement Done Hamburg Volunteer Fire Department
ID: 682
+Kiosk Enhancement - NFIRS Report Edit

Ability to edit and modfy NFIRS reports fields from the kiosk event view.

Added Memorized Incident button to populate report based on saved report template.

Added call narrative entry to add and modify notes directly from kiosk.

Additional fields include situation found, actions taken, member making and officer in charge.

This will be customized based on department request and needs.

  FINGER Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 665
+Permit Conversion

Added Permit conversion to the Firehouse Routine

  PERM Enhancement Done Lower Allen Township Fire Department
ID: 681
+Security Report - User List (Summary) Correction

The Security Report - User List (Summary) has been corrected to utilize the profile description field. This is part of the global profile upgrade.

  SEC Error in System Done Worcester County Fire Rescue
ID: 678
+Individual Reports Lock Up

Reproducible error identified when minimizing preview screen of individual reports, it would lock up the program and force user to restart computer or kill program via task manager.

Found and corrected the issue with launching individual reports.

Also disabled the ablity to minimize the report. User can move and scale report screen, but can no longer minimize to avoid lost windows.

  REDNMX Error in System Done Nashua Fire Department
ID: 679
+Personnel Training Status Grid By Length Report

Added course sub total hours and overall report total hours to summary of report.

  NI Enhancement Done Gates Fire District
ID: 680
+Added to Inccond

Added in a IncNum Filter to the IncCond.pas

  INC Enhancement Done Lower Allen Township Fire Department
ID: 676
+Daily Log Date and Time

The Daily Log History now has the ability to be printed based on the exact tiime range.

  DL Enhancement Done Pembroke Fire Department
ID: 664
+Kiosk Enhancement - Manually Open/Close Duration Adjustment

Enhanced opening and closing of events from kiosk by allowing a user to adjust time frame.

Admin users can change how long to manually open an event and can also set a delay when manually closing an event.

This allows a user to adjust time frame based on event type and specific situation.

  FINGER Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 666
+Kiosk Enhancement - Non-Incident Attendance Roster

Added roster form to Non-Incident Event view.

Admin users can pull up roster to quickly add multiple people to a non-incident event.

This is enabled based on request.

  FINGER Custom Enhancement, Call for Info Done RedNMX System
ID: 667
+Kiosk Enhancement - Kiosk Group Sign In

Added group sign in option when manually opening a Non-Incident Event.

This will place the kiosk in a group sign in mode for a duration set.

Group Sign In Mode dedicates the kiosk which it was enabled from to a single open event. Users that access the kiosk will authenticate, recieve credit, then be logged out automatically.

This is designed to limit user interaction and speed up the sign in process for meetings and large events which require several people to sing in at once.

Admin user sign in will remain the same to allow cancellation of group sign in mode if needed.

  FINGER Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 668
+Added Column to Report

Added a Miles column to the Table: Manpower Anylisis report

  INC Enhancement Done Lewes Fire Department, Inc.
ID: 663
+Added Total Attended to incident count with attendance report

Added a total atteneded to the summary band of the incident run log with attendance report.

  INC Enhancement Done Lewes Fire Department, Inc.
ID: 662
+Incident Log Empty set fix

The incident log report no longer shows a count of 1 when there is an empty set of data returned.

  REDNMX Error in System Done RedNMX System
ID: 661
+Personnel Image Batch Import Default Directory

The personnel image batch import default directory is now set to the REDNMX.EXE file location. The program also saves the last used location.

  IMAGE Enhancement Done Island Park Fire Department
ID: 660
+NFIRS Equipment Used Report

There is a new report available in the NFIRS Report. It is called the Equipment Used Report. This report prints the equipment used on an incident. It includes the inventory number, unit, description, quantity and narrative.

  INC Enhancement Done Lower Allen Township Fire Department
ID: 659