New Features

Alpine Software is constantly working to improve the RedNMX System. Here is a list of some recent fixes and improvements.

Date Feature Module Type Referral
+Paging Message View

The Paging Message Screen has new search features and the display is been improved for better presentation.

PAGE Enhancement Melville Fire Department
+Census in NFIRS 5.0 Setup

The census setup has been added to the NFIRS Setup system

INC Enhancement Prescott Fire Department
+New Hose Fields

Two new fields have been added to the hose management system. They are the Hose Material, and Hose Jacket Type.

HOSE Enhancement Nashua Fire Department
+Hose Batch Testing System Query Parameters

The batch hose testing system now includes the size and length in the query. This allows for more targeted querying for testing.

HOSE Enhancement Nashua Fire Department
+Dispatch Re-Order Function

The Dispatch Setup rights has been turned on so departments cannot re-order units in the available apparatus grid. You must sign in as a administrator with dispatch setup rights to move apparatus.

DISP Enhancement Nashua Fire Department
+Shift Schedule Setup Presentation

This shift schedule entry screen now includes better captions and a graphic to better assist departments on setting up the schedule

SCHD Enhancement Amsterdam Fire Department
+Security Timeout Setup

The security entry for users will use the time out time in the following order.
1. Individual Timeout overrides what is entered in the profile and global timeout.
2. The Profile Timeout will override the global timeout.
3. If Individual and Profile Timeouts are blank, the global timeout will be used.

SEC Enhancement Hot Springs Fire Department
+Batch Address Function

The batch property edit function has been improved to show the steps on how to use it.

PROP Enhancement Hot Springs Fire Department
+Primary Browse Alternating Colors

The primary browse now includes alternating colors to better present and differentiate each row.

REDNMX Custom Enhancement, Call for Info RedNMX System
+Upgraded Report

We have updated the NFIRS Attendance - Hand Key Info report so that it is 2 lines, alternates in color, and the device and method are printed in full.

PERS Enhancement Lynbrook Fire Department
+Hydrant Displsys

It is now possible to have over 1000 hydrants in the hydrant table and display all of them on the Google Maps. This has been tested on the HFD system that has 5,700 hydrants across a large section of Cape Cod.

This feature uses KML layers.

HYD Enhancement Hyannis Fire Department
+Report Filter and Sorts Save Function

The save button for the report manager saves a report much faster. This code was optimize for speed.

REDNMX Enhancement RedNMX System
+Non Incident Calendar Save Button Active

This save button now works for the Non Incident Calendar. This will save the current settings of the calendar like location and non incident type.

NI Enhancement Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority
+Call In Screen - Retain Sort Order

The sort order for the Call in screen will save when you exit the form.

MCI Enhancement Terryville Fire District
+Add Apparatus Inspection Record Tool Bar

Added "Add Apparatus Inspection Record" button.

APP Enhancement Richmond (IN) Fire Department
+Years of Service added to the Cancer Report

The years of service has been added to the NYS Disability Cancer Report.

PERS Enhancement Jericho Fire Department
+Added Middle name

Added the ability to have a middle name on the roster sheets.

INC Enhancement RedNMX System
+Schedule Interface Unit Warning

A warning message will now pop up when you try to drag a staff from the personnel list over to a unit and they are already scheduled that day.

SCHD Enhancement City of Niagara Falls Fire Department
+Move from Apparatus to Apparatus

It is now possible to move apparatus in the graphical schedular. Previous options would allow users to move to a new station/apparatus, which could represent a unit. Now full unit to unit dragging and dropping can be done.

SCHD Enhancement City of Niagara Falls Fire Department
+Dispatch Alert Tones

New option for a dedicated computer to play WAV files for dispatch status updates. Make WAV files for all apparatus and status codes and assign in the dispatch setup. You then dedicate one computer to leave the dispatch screen open and it will play the alerts as they come in.

This is an "Opt-In" feature. Please call Alpine to enable.

DISP Enhancement Foxborough Fire Department