New Features

Alpine Software is constantly working to improve the RedNMX System. Here is a list of some recent fixes and improvements.

Date Feature Module Type Referral
+Add Apparatus Inspection Record Tool Bar

Added "Add Apparatus Inspection Record" button.

APP Enhancement Richmond (IN) Fire Department
+Years of Service added to the Cancer Report

The years of service has been added to the NYS Disability Cancer Report.

PERS Enhancement Jericho Fire Department
+Added Middle name

Added the ability to have a middle name on the roster sheets.

INC Enhancement RedNMX System
+Schedule Interface Unit Warning

A warning message will now pop up when you try to drag a staff from the personnel list over to a unit and they are already scheduled that day.

SCHD Enhancement City of Niagara Falls Fire Department
+Move from Apparatus to Apparatus

It is now possible to move apparatus in the graphical schedular. Previous options would allow users to move to a new station/apparatus, which could represent a unit. Now full unit to unit dragging and dropping can be done.

SCHD Enhancement City of Niagara Falls Fire Department
+Dispatch Alert Tones

New option for a dedicated computer to play WAV files for dispatch status updates. Make WAV files for all apparatus and status codes and assign in the dispatch setup. You then dedicate one computer to leave the dispatch screen open and it will play the alerts as they come in.

This is an "Opt-In" feature. Please call Alpine to enable.

DISP Enhancement Foxborough Fire Department
+Added Select Narrative to dispatch comments narrative.

The Clear, Select Narrative, Spell Check, and Time Stamp buttons have been all added to the Dispatch Comments Narrative. It is now possible to setup pre-canned narratives for this narrative.

DISP Enhancement Amherst Central Fire Alarm Office
+Cancer Report

Created a report to satisfy the new Cancer legislation that was passed regarding eligibility for compensation.

PERS Enhancement West Sayville-Oakdale Fire District
+Added Photos to the Fire Investigation Report

Pictures have been added to the Fire Investigation Summary Report

ARS Enhancement RedNMX System
+Fire Investigations Persons of Interest Search Enhancement

The Persons of Interest Search function now includes Age and Date of Birth.

ARS Enhancement RedNMX System
+Link "Other Status" Entries to specific Incidents

This new feature only applies:
- MultiFDID Systems
- Dispatch
- 2 or more NFIRS on a Call.

When adding "Alarm" status messages for incidents having more than one NFIRS, the system can be configured to have an Incident Selector prompt. A good example is for "Dismiss Men". Personnel from one department may be dismissed at a different time than those from another.

There is a new setting for "Alarm" type status codes which will lead to a prompt to select the relevant incident

DISP Enhancement Smithtown Fire District
+Response Field

The Response Field now supports up to 4 digists. Historically this was liimited to one digit beause the bulk of responses were made with cell phones calling the 800 number. And the system was set up so that one one digit was entered.

Now that most people use smart phones we have widened it to be 4 characters. This will allow more than 10 responses.

MCI Enhancement Smithtown Fire District
+Address Map Plotting Report

The Geo Address Status: Unplotted Addresses report now support latitudes that 0.0 entered, not sure Null values.

PROP Error in System Nashua Fire Department
+Security Spotlight Search for Users

It is now possible to use the spotlight search function for searching users in the list. The search box looks for the occurance of a character string in an of the columns

SEC Enhancement Harford County Fire and EMS
+Batch Entry of Equipment Used

It is now possible to batch entry equipment used for an incident. They user is able to select a unit or station, then enter defaults.

INC Enhancement Lower Allen Township Fire Department
+New Filter Fields for Batch Address Change

Several new fields have been added to the Batch Address Change function. They include Agency, City, Address Type, Response Zone, Street Number, and Street Name.

PROP Enhancement Amherst Central Fire Alarm Office
+Equipment Used Additional Fields

Several new fields have been added to the NFIRS Equipment Used function. They include Staff ID, Quantity, Unit Number, Length, Odometer, Hours, and Quantity Notes.

INC Enhancement Lower Allen Township Fire Department
+Nemsis 3 On Scene Fields

Added the ability to make invisible the ESCENE02, ESCENE03 and ESCENE04 fields.

NEMSIS3 Enhancement Union Township
+Agency Entry Duplication Error Correction

The Agency Entry System now verifies if a duplicate record is being entered. It throws a message that it already exists.

REDNMX Error in System Nashua Fire Department
+Hydrant Import System

The system how has the ability to import hydrants from ESRI shape file. This feature creates a hydrant record from the ESRI record. Fields can be parsed to include the hydrant ID, address and location.

HYD Enhancement Hyannis Fire Department