New Features

Alpine Software is constantly working to improve the RedNMX System. Here is a list of some recent fixes and improvements.

Date Feature Module Type Referral
+Title Change

Changed the name of the personnel training deficiency report to personnel training status report.

PERS Enhancement St. Paul Blvd. Fire District
+Dispatch Call Security Upgrade

The Dispatch Call Report now includes the security settings based on if the call is open or closed. This includes the times and unit history records.

DISP Enhancement Newark Fire Department
+Security Profiles

The security module has been enhanced so that the profiles and the users are separated as two different tables.

SEC Enhancement RedNMX System
+Officer In Charge Report

Added a report to show how many times members were the officer in charge of an incident as recorded in the M section.

INC Enhancement Laurelton Fire District
+Responder Update Send Email Error Fixed

Fixed an error that would sometimes occur when a user used the Responder Email feature to send out an email to a user to download an update. This is fixed in both the individual Send Email button on Personnel's FRDS tab, as well as the FRDS Setup - Responder Table Batch Email button.

RESPAPP Error in System Middle Island Fire District
+Responder Update

Added larger Hydrant icon images to support newer, higher resolution Android devices.

RESPAPP Enhancement Chappaqua Fire Department
+Multi FDID for Paging Setup

The Paging and Messaging Module now includes Multi Agency Support in the setup tables.

PAGE Enhancement Muskegon Central Dispatch
+Paging Usage

The Paging and Messaging Module now includes Multi Agency in the usage. You can select which departments you want to see. You can also select multiple departments.

PAGE Enhancement Muskegon Central Dispatch
+Apparatus Out of Service Summary

Newly added report: Apparatus Out Of Service Summary
Displays Out of Service Apparatus information for selected time period.

APP Enhancement Kannapolis Fire Department
+Delete NFIRS on Call Deletions

Added a new setting in dispatch setup: Prompt to Delete NFIRS on Call Deletions

If checked, when a dispatch record is deleted, a prompt will appear asking if linked NFIRS shall be deleted to (the default behavior is to keep NFIRS).

DISP Enhancement RedNMX System
+Schedule Type Secondary Code

A new schedule type secondary code has been added to the system. This is used for tracking items like:
- Overtime Type
- Vacation or Leave Types.
- Reason for a personal day.

This allows you to enter code types for reporting and payroll exports.

SCHD Enhancement Hot Springs Fire Department
+Work Order View is FDID Comliant

The main work order view is now FDID Compliant. If you log in specific to an FDID, you will see all work orders that have either a blank FDID, matching FDID, or an FDID that matches the requesting personnel's FDID.

WO Enhancement Plain Township Fire Department(s)
+Nemsis ePCR Print Out

The Nemsis ePCR Printout now includes the miscellaneous name if it used. The name will now print on the report.

NEMSIS Enhancement Baldwin Fire District
+New Report: Personnel Non Incident Event Grid Count

A new report has been added. it is called the "Personnel Non Incident Event Grid Count". It basically tallies the total number of non incident events for each person.

You are able to filter by date and select by non incident event.

NI Enhancement Foxborough Fire Department
+Incident Persons Involved

It is now possible to setup the NFIRS reporting system to use exclusively the K section of the Basic Form. This means that instead of having a K1 and K2 section, they are turned off and a K-Persons Involved section is turned on.

This browse includes all of the field found in the K1 field, including additional non NFIRS reported like Mobile Type, DOB, PCR Number etc.

INC Enhancement Muskegon Central Dispatch
+Work Order Source setup and field

Enabled the source tab in the setup and enabled the field on the form. This is used on the main entry screen of the work order.

WO Enhancement Matanuska-Susitna Borough
+Tag by Shift Error

An error has been fixed that was tagging non active personnel when using the Tag by Shift right click option. This function was used when tagging personnel to generate their schedule.

SCHD Error in System Rochester Fire Department
+New Report

Added a NEMSIS medication count report like we have for EMS.

NEMSIS Enhancement Kingston Fire Department
+NFIRS Member Making Report Login

A new button has been added to the NFIRS Incident Report Entry. It is called Current User. Press this button to transfer Last Name, First, Name, Middle Initial, Staff Number, and Rank to the NFIRS report based on the currently logged user.

INC Enhancement Muskegon Central Dispatch
+Non Incident Event Report

The Non Incident Event List report now works with the FDID Login. These means that it includes only events based on your Agency Log In.

NI Enhancement RedNMX System