New Features

Alpine Software is constantly working to improve the RedNMX System. Here is a list of some recent fixes and improvements.

Date Feature Example Module Type Status Referral
+Inspection Images

There was an issue with the viewing of inspection images. A panel was not set to invisible, and was blocking out part of the view. This has been corrected.

  INSP Error in System Done Derry Fire Department
ID: 798
+Duration used in clearing status for Responder

Opt in feature based on the status history table in the FRDS tab of the Personnel Module. You can now create, delete,edit status's from the setup and choose weather to automatically clear them when the time has passed.

NF MCI Enhancement Done Lower Allen Township Fire Department
ID: 797
+A generate narrative button was added to the NFIRS module

A narrative will be generated based on the field values that are filled in on the NFIRS report. This should be done AFTER the report has been filled out.

NF INC Enhancement Beta Testing RedNMX System
ID: 796
+Change Call Type Dispatch Page

Modified Change Call Type Procedure on the dispatch control screen to re-generate a dispatch page when call type changes.

Dispatch Page will be sent based on the paging setup for new call type.

This will notify necessary personnel on upgraded or changed assignements.

NF DISP Enhancement Done University Medical New Jersey
ID: 795
+Award History Report

We have added an award history report. This will print the history for a date range for all awards given to the members.

NF PERS Enhancement Done West Sayville-Oakdale Fire District
ID: 794
+Duty Crew Schedule: Show All day button

A new feature has been added so that you can toggle between showing the current list who is on duty crew and show everyone for the entire day.

NF RESPAPP Enhancement Done Mendon Fire Department
ID: 793
+Mobile Truck Check Gauge Readings

The Mobile Inventory Truck Check program will now error check gauge readings like mileage, hours, pumps hours, and aerial hours.

NF MOBINV Enhancement Done Duxbury Fire Department
ID: 791
+Gauge Reading Date and Last Reading

The Mobile Inventory Truck Check program will now show the last gauge readings so you have verification.

NF MOBINV Enhancement Done Duxbury Fire Department
ID: 792
+Inactive Apparatus Inspection Types

This allows you to turn off inspections that are no longer used, but you want to keep the history for the long term.

NF APP Enhancement Done Duxbury Fire Department
ID: 785
+Work Order Service History

An issue has been fixed that was not allow to browse all service history for a specific work order from the work order screen.

  WO Error in System Done Rochester Fire Department
ID: 786
+Apparatus Selection Window

The Mobile Apparatus Inspection Check now incudes a pick list for the apparatus. You can sort by Unit Number of Inventory Number

NF MOBINV Enhancement Done Duxbury Fire Department
ID: 787
+Apparatus Inspection Error

We fixed a bug that was causing the Pass Fail count to be displaying incorrectly in the Apparatus Inspection Form.

  INV Error in System Done South Old Bridge Volunteer Fire Company
ID: 784
+Apparatus Inspection Check Boxes

Check Boxes have been added to the apparatus inspection system.

NF MOBINV Enhancement Done Duxbury Fire Department
ID: 788
+Apparatus Inspection Drop Down

The status pick list for appartus inspection in the mobile is now based on the inspection type. This allows to eliminate irrelevant choices for the status.

NF APP Enhancement Done Duxbury Fire Department
ID: 789
+Training Status from Kiosk

It is now possible to access your current training status from the Kiosk

1. Select Training Status
2. Select date range.

This will show what training you require for the year.

NF FINGER Enhancement Done Jericho Fire Department
ID: 790
+Fire Investigation Report Bug Fix

A bug was found and fixed that was causing documents in the Fire Investigation Report to progressively decrease in size.

  ARS Error in System Done RedNMX System
ID: 783
+A reinspect button has been added to the Mobile version of Inspections

You may now enter a reinspection automatically using a button , provided a connection with the server is available.

  INSP Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 781
+Years of Service Report

The Years of Service Report now includes the Status History Add Time function. This allows you to add past blocks of service for members going way back.

  PERS Enhancement Done Grand Island Fire Company, Inc
ID: 779
+Violation Count Report

Added a report for counting the number of each violation code that occured in a time period.

  INSP Enhancement Done Lower Allen Township Fire Department
ID: 778
+New filter for FEMA

Added in a NFIRS incident type filter for the Apparatus FEMA reports. You can now select up to 6 incident types to filter by.

  APP Enhancement Done Kearny Fire Department
ID: 777
+Agency Image upload

Added the functionality to upload individual agency images that will show up on system reports

  REDNMX Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 775

Enabled the printing of individual agency logo's on reports instead of using the general image.

  REDNMX Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 776
+Date done field for Parts and Labor

A new field has been added to the service and labors parts history. It is the date the invidual service was done, or the part was used.

NF APP Enhancement Done Rochester Fire Department
ID: 774
+View Export Error

There was an issue when a person would open the export file in excel, and then try to export to the open file from the view. The export file name for a view now has the date and time in the file name so that it will always be unique.

NF REDNMX Error in System Done Clayton Fire Department, New York
ID: 773
+NFIRS 5.0 Mobile Property Make

There were a few codes missing in the NFIRS 5 Mobile Property Table. These have been added and will be included in the next update.

  INC Error in System Done Hauppauge Fire District
ID: 772
+Kiosk Bailout Inspection

The inventory number and the last inspection date to the status window.

NF FINGER Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 771
+Added to the NFPA report

The NFPA report is now more comprehensive and convers more of the sections regarding the Fire Fatalities and Injuries.

  INC Enhancement Done Lower Allen Township Fire Department
ID: 770
+ReInspect Button

Made the reinspect button create a new inspection on the date indicated in the return date field of the inspection form.

  INSP Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 769
+Enhanced Select Narrative Fuinction

It is now possible to use the select narrative more than once in a narrative. For example, you could type several words, select a narrative block and it will add it on the end. You could also select another narrative and add it to the end.

NF REDNMX Enhancement Done Bay Shore Fire District
ID: 768
+Date Sold Inventory Query

The inventory reports that use the Date Sold Field have been corrected.

  INV Error in System Done Baldwin Fire District
ID: 764
+Responder Non Standard Shift Support

The scheduling view of the Responder app now supports customizing when a "day" begins and ends.

  RESPAPP Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 766
+Expiration Date

The expiration date has been added to the inventory report criteria, and also to the inventory report.

NF INV Enhancement Done Baldwin Fire District
ID: 767
+New Parameter for Turn Out Gear Report

Added the option to select inventory status when running the Full Inventory Turn Out Gear Report

  INV Enhancement Done Bushnells Basin Fire Department
ID: 765
+Manpower Averages and Totals by Incident Type

The Manpower Analysis by Incident Type has been optimized to run upwards of 50 times faster as the number of queries has been reduced to run better on the Cloud Servers.

NF INC Enhancement Done Muskegon Central Dispatch
ID: 762
+Years of Service Calculation Prompt

The Years of Service Prompt has been changed to better describe if you need to run the routine prior to sort a report.

NF LOSAP Enhancement Done Port Washington Fire Department
ID: 763
+Inventory Manufacturer

A correction was made to the inventory manufacturer Setup. It was missing a setup field. This has been corrected.

  INV Error in System Done Cortlandville Fire District
ID: 761
+Attendance Check Box System

The Multi Agency Check Box Attendance System has been enhanced so that when you check off a different agency, you cannot select another one until it is drawn up.

  REDNMX Enhancement Done Loudoun County Department of Fire & Rescue
ID: 760
+Personnel Awards and Citation Tracking

A new record history has been added to the personnel history tab. It is called the Award and Citations History. You can add different awards that are given out to fire and ems personnel.

NF PERS Enhancement Done Brentwood Fire District
ID: 758
+Searching Report Dictionary

The Report Search System has been enhanced. It is now possible to search for the existance of 2 key words that can exist in the report description, menu choice, or narrative.

Alpine Tech personnel have been updating the report dictionary with search tags to better assist in this function.

NF REDNMX Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 759
+NFIRS Validition October 2020 Update

Incident validation updated for the following enforcement changes by FEMA:

In addition the following enforcement rule changes/corrections were made:

1) Only Primary Agency, State, and Their Number is submitted in section D (Mutual Aid Given or Recieved) if Type = 3 or 4.

2) If Incident Type = 571 (stand by) and if Aid Given or Received = codes 3, 4 , then only the information on
the Basic module through Block D will be submitted. Limited optional fields from sections E, F, G, H, I, and J will be submitted. No change for end user.

3) Corrected critical error with Human Factors on Fire Report. Only age value will be submitted if "Age was a factor" is checked. Previously defaulting to 0 and is now sending null value. No change for end user.

  INC Enhancement Done RedNMX System
ID: 757