New Features

Alpine Software is constantly working to improve the RedNMX System. Here is a list of some recent fixes and improvements.

Date Feature Module Type Referral
+View EMS Calls from Dispatch Record

Added new tab to the Dispatch Record to view linked EMS calls. This is an opt-in feature and requires Alpine to enable. If interested please contact Alpine.

DISP Enhancement Matanuska-Susitna Borough
+Include Signature

There is a new "Opt in" option for paging to include signature of sending person. for manual pages. If personnel record is linked to security record, it will use the name of the person from the Personnel module. Otherwise it will use the name from the security account.

To activate, go to Paging Setup and click "Include Signature".

PAGE Enhancement Melville Fire Department
+New Report

A new report has been added to the personnel scheduling report. It is called the "Scheduling Hour Pay Roll Report by Staff". It allows for selecting filters by personnel, date range and schedule parameters.

It is a double banded report that has each staff and then their hours worked. It is color coded by shift and it also totals number of hours worked.

SCHD Enhancement Parker District Fire Department
+Fix to the Responder App Usage Report

The total was doubling when the Responder App Usage Report was printed. It will no longer do this.

PERS Error in System Brentwood Fire District
+Down Load Inspection Address

The new property download function is now available. This occurs when you are going to work on an inspection that is connected to an address that is new on the server and has never been inspected before. You are able to edit the property record on the tablet computer and save it to the server.

MOBINSP Enhancement Bowling Green Fire Department
+Rolodex Report Condition Error

An error has been fixed in the Rolodex Listing Report. This error occurred when you picked a rolodex type to filter the report.

REDNMX Error in System Amherst Central Fire Alarm Office
+Ability to Save Pictures

It is now possible to save a staff picture from the main personnel entry screen. It will be saved in the same format that it was loaded from.

PERSPICT Enhancement Hillcrest Fire Company #1
+Report Correction: Dispatch Call Type Summary by Month

The "Dispatch Call Type Summary by Month" report has been corrected. It will now throw a message stating that the start date cannot be higher than the end date at run time.

DISP Error in System Long Beach Fire Department
+Dispatch Pages only to working personnel

New option to have dispatch related pages go only to working personnel.

SCHD Enhancement Kannapolis Fire Department
+Document Imaging Integration with Compaint Module

It is now possible to attach documents and images to the Complaint History module. These include .PDF, .PNG, JPG, and TIF.

IMAGE Enhancement Ocean City Fire Department
+Tickler History for Complaint Module

The tickler action history has been added to the complaint module. It is now possible to track the action history for a specific complaint.

COMP Enhancement RedNMX System
+Dispatch Command Screen Unit Sort Order

The sort order for the dispatch command screen units is now based on the Sort Order entry, then the Unit Number. This means that if the sort order is blank or the same, it will fall back to the unit number.

DISP Enhancement Amherst Central Fire Alarm Office
+KML Zoom Levels

KML Layers can now be configured to display at specific zoom levels. On the KML Layer form there are now Upper and Lower Zoom levels. Typical values would be 17 for lower and 20 for upper. Setting Lower to 1 and upper to 20 will lead the kml to show at all zoom levels.

GIS Enhancement RedNMX System
+Inventory Service, Inspection and Testing Service Status Filter

It is now possible to set what service, inspection or testing status result is included in the drop down. For example, you can tag P-Pass or F-Fail for only Hose Testing as a result.

INV Enhancement City of Westminster Fire Department
+Added Column

Added a column to the day night report for Years of Service.

PERS Enhancement Smithtown Fire District
+Miscellaneous Time Off Box

A new "Catch All" box has been added to the Graphical Schedule Interface. This allows you to set several schedule type codes to be displayed in this one box.

Some departments have several time off categories that are used sparingly, therefore, they should be displayed in the same box for space considerations.

SCHD Enhancement City of Niagara Falls Fire Department
+Added HazMat conversion

Added the conversion routine for converting HazMat from the client server system

INC Enhancement Key Largo Fire Rescue
+Sender name in Page

Added name of person sending in pages sent using the Smart Phone App. Must contact Alpine to have this feature enabled.

WEBPAGE Enhancement East Fishkill Fire District
+Narrative on Truck List

On the Smart Phone Web App "Truck Checklist", we have added in the narrative for each of the individual checks.

APP Enhancement West Albany Fire Department
+Frequently Used Reports

It is now possible to designate certain reports as Frequently Used Reports. These reports can be set to show only in the Frequently Used Report heading.

All of the reports will adhere to the securty setting that governs their access.

REDNMX Enhancement RedNMX System