RedNMX™ New Feature


    NFIRS Validition October 2020 Update
    11/05/2020 Done

    Incident validation updated for the following enforcement changes by FEMA:

    In addition the following enforcement rule changes/corrections were made:

    1) Only Primary Agency, State, and Their Number is submitted in section D (Mutual Aid Given or Recieved) if Type = 3 or 4.

    2) If Incident Type = 571 (stand by) and if Aid Given or Received = codes 3, 4 , then only the information on
    the Basic module through Block D will be submitted. Limited optional fields from sections E, F, G, H, I, and J will be submitted. No change for end user.

    3) Corrected critical error with Human Factors on Fire Report. Only age value will be submitted if "Age was a factor" is checked. Previously defaulting to 0 and is now sending null value. No change for end user.

    If you have this module and this is a global new feature, these changes will be included with your next update.

    This feature is included in standard support and maintenance and there is No Charge. Updates are done at the beginning of the week, if applicable.

    Referral: RedNMX System
    Enhancement - INC
    ID: 757