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    Dispatch Queue System
    09/09/2020 Done

    A new feature has been added to the Disaptch Module. It is call the (D)ispatch (Q)ueue (S)ystem, DQS. This feature allows a dispatcher or call take to save a call to a queue prior to dispatching.

    From the call taker form, dispatchers can start entering a call and then hit "F9 - Add to Queue". This will put the call in a QUEUED status with out generating a page, dispatching units, or creating a report.

    The call remains in a QUEUED status until the dispatcher is ready to dispatch. Upon dispatching, saved information will be brought up in the call taker to quickly dispatch the call.

    This allows dispatchers to save progress on a call if a higher priority call comes in and also allows multiple dispatchers to work together to dispatch and manage calls.

    The call will also be displayed on the map, and the mobiles will know that there is a pending call. The DQS can also be populated by other dispatch systems, and E911.

    This new feature was developed with departments that dispatch thousands of calls, and also for when there is a storm and you can get upwards of 100 plus calls in an hour.

    If you have this module and this is a global new feature, these changes will be included with your next update.

    This feature is included in standard support and maintenance and there is No Charge. Updates are done at the beginning of the week, if applicable.

    Referral: RedNMX System
    Enhancement - DISP
    ID: 746