RedNMX™ New Feature


    Work Order Dashboard
    09/10/2020 Started

    Alpine Software in in the process of completing a new Work Order Dashboard. This new feature will:

    - Visually display work orders by status.
    - Allow for Drag and Drop from one status to another.
    - Allow for filtering by user and assigned to.

    This screen will also auto refresh on a timer, so it can be displayed on a big screen in the fire department.

    You can forward comments regarding this feature to TECH@ALPINESOFTWARE.COM.

    If you have this module and this is a global new feature, these changes will be included with your next update.

    This feature is included in standard support and maintenance and there is No Charge. Updates are done at the beginning of the week, if applicable.

    Referral: Jericho Fire Department
    Under Development. Fall 2020 - WO
    ID: 740