RedNMX™ New Feature


    Kiosk Enhancement - Kiosk Group Sign In
    01/09/2020 Done

    Added group sign in option when manually opening a Non-Incident Event.

    This will place the kiosk in a group sign in mode for a duration set.

    Group Sign In Mode dedicates the kiosk which it was enabled from to a single open event. Users that access the kiosk will authenticate, recieve credit, then be logged out automatically.

    This is designed to limit user interaction and speed up the sign in process for meetings and large events which require several people to sing in at once.

    Admin user sign in will remain the same to allow cancellation of group sign in mode if needed.

    If you have this module and this is a global new feature, these changes will be included with your next update.

    This feature is included in standard support and maintenance and there is No Charge. Updates are done at the beginning of the week, if applicable.

    Referral: RedNMX System
    Enhancement - FINGER
    ID: 668