RedNMX™ - CAD Interface

CAD Interface


The RedNMX™ CAD Interface allows for the seamless integration of realtime dispatch history into the RedNMX system. The CAD Interface is designed to receive data each time the dispatch center generates a call. Alpine Software maintains business relationships with many CAD vendors. Alpine has also worked with several agencies that have created their own CAD system.

The CAD interface can be customized to receive different data elements including but not limited to incident location, call type, call narrative, associated times, unit information, unit times etc. The CAD Interface can also be customized to meet the procedural operations of your fire department.


  • Eliminates retyping of incident information, reduces errors, and improves efficiency.
  • Communication methods include TCP/IP, Serial Port Capture, Parallel Port Print Capture, Email Capture, File Delineation, and direct database connection.
  • Immediate data transfer with optional automatic incident, company, and unit number generation.
  • Full transfer of dispatch times. System can be configured to match the CAD system dispatch codes to remain consistent.
  • Optional early warning system can be configured to warn administrators via E-Mail, Alpha Numeric Page, or Direct Dial that the CAD Interface is not receiving data because the CAD system is no longer sending or the interface is not in operation.
  • Generate pages and text messages to personnel at the time the call is received.

Business Partners and CAD Links

Alpine Software Corporation has formed several business alliances or has independently developed a CAD Interface with the following Tier I CAD Vendors:

  • Intergraph
  • New World
  • Tiburon
  • Orbacom
  • Northrup Grunman PRC
  • Admit Computer Services
  • Interact
  • Motorola Printrak
  • HTE
  • Hitech
  • Pamet Systems
  • Verizon E911

Alpine Software is also a CAD vendor, therefore several dispatch centers that use the RedAlert™ CAD System can also transfer data to the other fire departments in the dispatch district.