RedNMX™ Fire Department Management System

RedNMX Features

General Features

  • Partnerships

    Alpine has partnered with dozens of companies that provide the cutting edge products that enhance our standing in the Fire Department Records Management industry.

  • Technology

    Utilizes the latest programming and operating system technology. Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 8, Windows Small Business Server 2008 compatible.

  • Multi Monitor Support

    Support for displaying up to six distinct parts of your system simultaneously on different screens.

  • MS SQL Server and MySQL Support

    Automated daily (or more frequent) backups. Operates across Internet/LAN. Encrypted for security. Dynamic connection technology protects against network interruption and repairs disruptions automatically.

  • Custom Views and Searching

    Ability to setup custom views for all modules. Provides for the ability to search fields unique to your system.

  • Custom Toolbar

    Allows for assigning buttons that are always visible. Buttons can be configured for each individual user or groups based on security.

+Reporting System
  • Centralized Report Manager

    Custom Report Manager

    Utilizes a report dictionary that allows for:

    • Unlimited number of reports.
    • Individual report level security.
    • Saving report settings so they do not have to be re-entered.
    • Archiving of past service and point reports.
  • Charts

    Produce graphical displays of your data in color. Available in serveral formats, including Line Graphs, Pie Charts, and Bar Graphs.

  • Crystal Reports

    Fully integrated with Crystal Reports versions 8 through 11. Import into RedAlert and manage reports you have created in the Crystal Reports designer. Fully integrates with the Security Module and supports passing variables and custom functions.

  • Report Exporting Function

    View reports within RedAlert and then save them for later use. Formats include Adobe PDF, MS Excel, MS Word, and HTML web documents.

  • Specialized NFPA, State, and County Reports

    Include serveral reports and data required in the grant application process.


+Computer Aided Dispatching
  • Dispatch Timer

    The timer has configurable visual and audible queues to alert the dispatcher to check on the incident status or initiate an accountability check.

  • Multiple Monitor Support

    Display mapping, preplans, current call information all at once, across multiple screens.

  • Improved Run Cards

    Several options include maps, directions, color, and duplex printing.

  • CAD Interface

    Interface RedAlert with numerous external CAD systems.

  • Multi Agency Support

    RedAlert supports having multiple departments and agencies within one system. Security profiles can be customized to restrict data access.

+Address Management
Emergency Address Screen
  • Integrated with all modules.

  • Customized preplan fields.

  • New, powerful searching system.

  • Street name and specific address aliasing

  • CAD Interface Auto Transfer

+Geographic Mapping System
  • Formats

    RedAlert supports industry leading formats including ESRI and Google Maps.

  • Plots

    Users can plot custom addresses and hydrant locations.

  • Measures

    Includes a tool for distance measuring.

  • Map Pin Incident History

    Plot incidents by type, response time, primary unit or station. Icons represent different incident types. Show calls that had a response time greater than X number of minutes.

+Bulletin Boards
  • Photograph Integration

  • Mapping Integration

  • Displays Member Call In response information

  • Dual Mode changes layout for Calls and No Calls

  • Local weather and forecasts

  • Dispatch Status information

+ProQA™ Integration

Alpine Software is a certified partner of ProQA™ EMD Dispatch Systems.

+Member Call In
  • Telephone based version for personnel using cellular phones.

  • Text Message version for members that simply want to reply to a text message with their response.(Faster)

  • Smart Phone Web App version for touch screen use.

  • Integrates with Bulletin Board module.

  • Integrates with Dispatching System.

  • Receive a page at the time of the call.

  • Work Order notifications.

  • Notification of driver license expiration, physical fitness tests, and other custom events.

+Pictometry® Maps
  • Alpine Business Partner

  • View property from aerial views, from all sides.

  • Robust measuring tool - distance, height, walking man.

  • See roof loads and other hazards to firefighter safety.

+CadZone™ Interface
  • Create custom drawings in CadZone™ and import them into RedAlert.

  • Link images to the property system.

  • Useful for pre-fire planning and post incident critque.

Call Reporting

+NFIRS Fire Reporting
  • NFIRS 5.0 Compliant

    NYS and FEMA/USFA compliant. NFIRS reports are fully integrated into the RedAlert system.

    • Full integration allows for a myriad of detailed reports.
    • Mobile and Desktop versions avaiable
  • Document Imaging System

    Attach external documents and photographs to an incident for quick access. Supports Adobe PDF, jpeg, bitmaps, and more.

  • Reporting

    NFPA Reports and State reports included.

  • Hardware Integration

    Automatic attendance provide by integration with several biometric devices, including finger readers, hand readers, and key fob proximity devices.

  • Custom Fields

    Custom "R" panel on incident form allows department to include custom data fields for inclusion on every fire incident report.

  • Templates

    Users can create a templates from incident forms of often used incident types or field values and then eaily load them up for the next time.

+EMS Patient Care Reporting
  • NEMSIS Approved.

  • EPCR - Available in desktop and mobile versions.

  • EKG Attachment support.


+General Personnel
  • Document Imaging Integration

    Attach training certificates, or any other electronic / scanned documents to a personnel record.


    Length of Service Award (LOSAP) reports are customized to match or meet your requirements.

  • E911 Webs Interface

    Automatically publish point and percentage data to your department website.

  • Paging Integration

    Create and send reminders for events to an email address or cellular phone.

+Biometric Finger Identification
  • Record attendance quickly and accurately.

  • Supports NFIRS Fire Incidents and Non Incident Events like trainings, drills, etc.

  • Optionally displays member point summary at sign in. Helps members see what calls they have and when they got credit.

  • Supports Medic Sign In and Sign Out.

  • Key FOB Override.

+Non Incident Event Management
  • OSHA Tracking System

  • OSHA Report

  • Graphical Calendar

  • Outlook Interface

+Medic Scheduling System

Track when medics are stationed at the department.

+ID Card System

Work with our designers to custom create your department ID card. ID Card system supports multiple versions. Examples include:

  • Dictrict Employee

  • Department Volunteer

  • Accountability Tag


+Inventory Modules
  • Inventory Management

    Manage the entire department's inventory from a centralized console. Supports multi layered location managment.

  • Inventory Bar Coding

    Apply barcodes to your equipment and keep track via an external barcode scanner.

  • Apparatus Management

    Track general information as well as service records, inspections, and fuel usage. Supports document and photo attachments.

  • Work Orders

    Assign jobs and manage them through completion. Includes email integration and links with personnel, all inventory, and hydrants.

  • Hose Management

    Manage hose records and testing history. Supports Waterways Hose Testing Data imports. Integrates with Fail Safe Hose Testing.

  • SCBA Management

    Track Hydro test history. Know when regulators are due for flow testing.

  • Station Inventory

    Create custom inventory groupings. Supports sub-compartment inventory lists.

  • Parts Inventory

Mobile Systems

+Mobile Dispatch
  • Full integration with dispatch center.

  • Ability to dispatch a call from the field.

  • AVL vehicle tracking system.

  • iPad Support

+Mobile Incident Reporting
  • NFIRS Fire Incident Reporting System

  • ePCR System

+Mobile Inventory
  • Track inventory and perform equipment checks on the go.

  • Supports Panasonic U1, Apple iPad, and other modern tablets / mobile devices.

+Mobile Preplan
  • GIS Mapping integration.

  • Property / Preplan database integration.

  • Runs Offline

  • Supports Site Plans and Pictometry® imagery.

And many more!

Just call 1 (800) 787-6446 to discuss any of these features, to request a demo, or to answer any questions that you may have!