RedAlert™ - Entry Level System

RedAlert ELS


The RedAlert™ Entry Level System is a complete system designed to meet the basic needs of everyday records management for a fire department. It includes all of the features that are needed to comply with your department's record keeping requirements at an affordable cost.

Key Features

Entry Level System
  • Supports all versions of Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • Incident Reporting system is NFIRS 5.0 certified.
  • Built-in spell check dictionary with ability to add words.
  • Records stored in industry standard .DBF data format.
  • Fire Departments can download and modify new custom reports.
  • Security manangement console grants or restricts access to different sections of the program.
  • Record logging to track who made changes to each record.
  • Extensive online help system to assist in using software.
  • User friendly system instructions.

Modular Structure

The RedAlert™ Entry Level System is an easy to use department records management system. It includes several custom setups to help departments manage their records the way they need to. Easy migration to RedNMX™ is available to departments that require more extensive customization. The Entry Level System includes the following integrated modules:

Module Description Cost
NFIRS 5.0 Incident Reporting

Easy to use state fire incident system. Allows for quick entry of fire report in the NFIRS 5.0 format. Includes an easy to use NFIRS 5.0 validator.

Personnel Management Use this module to track information about your department's personnel. Included
Equipment, Inventory, and Apparatus Assign equipment to personnel, track inventory and maintenance. Included
Training and Non Incident Events Track training history, certifications, meetings, drills, and other non-incident events. Included
Security Manager Enable and disable use of different sections of the program. Each user can be assigned a user name and password. Program tracks which users entered and edited individual records. Included
Custom Reporting System Create adhoc reports to cover your fire department reporting needs. Report writer allows for the creation of complex reports and are easily accessible by the end user. Included
First Six Months of Support Toll free phone support and upgrades for first six months is included with system. Optional support program is available for $395.00. Included

Total Cost of System: $1495.00

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