COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Alpine Software Corporation is committed to offering ongoing support during this pandemic. The RedNMX System has added the new E3 Special Studies field to our NFIRS fire incident reporting software for tracking COVID-19 exposure and safety measures. These changes require a system update, which is included under standard support and maintenance. During this time:

  • We are continuing to maintain our normal business hours of operation, Monday through Friday 8 AM - 5:30 PM EST. After hours support requests will be monitored.
  • Email any questions or issues to
  • Or call 1-585-264-9080. Please leave a message if it goes to voice mail.

NFIRS 5.0 Compliant

NFIRS 5.0 is a modified and improved National Fire Incident Reporting System which has been designed as a tool for fire departments to report and maintain computerized records of fires and other fire department incidents in a uniformed manner.

  • Real Time Validator assists and checks data as you enter it.
  • Dynamic forms only display the NFIRS forms required for submission.
  • Custom templates for quickly entering common fields.
RedNMX Responder

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